Well NOW it all makes sense!

You know, the older I get, the more I really start to believe that nothing in life is random. OF COURSE my creative juices were flowing more quickly and more fluidly than usual; OF COURSE I had the drive to start a new project; OF COURSE I FINALLY mustered up the balls to throw caution to the wind and introduce my writing to you all (if you’re a writer you’ll understand how completely terrifying that is!) – there’s a bloody full moon today!!

Legend has it that the increase in illumination from the moon has a strong effect on the mind’s capacity for thought and creativity (yep. I’ve been jotting down thoughts all day). It also is said to illuminate the thoughts of the subconscious mind (agh, sorry for not listening to you sooner subconscious.. Sometimes I need a galactic kick in the ass to hear you).

So there you have it.
Have you started any new projects today? Felt more creative than usual?

I must say, my hippy dippy yogi side is completely gloating right now… The universe spoke. I listened. Namaste.