Aptitide for learning languages? Check. Appreciation for visual arts? Check. Excellent grooming? Check. Willingness to sacrifice comfort for couture dresses? CHECK!

Perhaps I’ve read one too many Charles Dickens novels in my time, but I swear, I have all the necessary tools that it would have taken to be one of the most fabulous ladies of the manor that ever did live.

Back then, being moderately good at everything and great at nothing in particular made you a total catch. Fast forward to 2013 and all that means is that you have a Bachelor of Arts, a diverse record collection, and you can ask for directions if you ever get lost in Barcelona or Paris.

Ahhhh the Victorian Era… It would have been a slice.*

*until, of course, my husband would have had me jailed for being a disobedient wife for not putting up with his bullshit. Hmmmm, maybe the 21st century is a better fit for me after all.

Photo via Vogue Magazine April 2012