I think most people have come to realize that life can’t always be a bed of roses – we need to go through transitions that can be anything from slightly uncomfortable to completely torturous – but knowing this doesn’t prevent the shock we experience when we turn a page and land in one of those dreaded turbulent chapter of our lives.

But if these chapters are inevitable (which, believe me, they are) wouldn’t it serve us better to remember that THESE are the times that build our character? They make us humble and empathetic. They make us grateful for the things in our life that HAVEN’T turned to complete and utter shit.

Most importantly, they remind us that when we get to the next chapter, the chapter where everything is happening exactly the way we dreamt it would, not to be a total asshole about it.

Just remember you’re going through a rough patch in order to prepare you for something BIG. You positively NEED this shit storm. And if you ever think you can’t possibly make it out to the other side in one piece, just remember: diamonds don’t crack under pressure.