These days it seems like everybody (women especially) are totally freaked out by the aging process – running to get nipped, tucked and sucked, or just dabbling in some non-surgical procedures (which, FYI all make you look fucking weird – sorry, but someone had to say it).

But aging is inevitable (that is, if you are BLESSED with the PRIVIlEDGE of doing so). So let’s not have a freak out over silly things like wrinkles and saggy boobs; instead, let’s put all our energy into doing whatever it takes to make us into the most badass senior citizens ever.

Me? I’m not aging, I am embarking on a journey to eccentricity and here is my game plan:

1. Learn to be fearless: danger is real; fear is a choice. The more fearless we are, the more new things we will try and thus, the more fascinating we will become (I plan to be one seriously fascinating old lady).

2. Know who you are AND OWN IT: Only when we are truly comfortable with who we are can we REALLY not give a shit what anyone thinks of us and therefore be able to live in a blissful state of eccentricity – completely comfortable with our own special brand of crazy.

3. Travel as much as possible: Eccentric people always have totally out there “worldly possessions” and we can only acquire worldly possessions by going out into the world and collecting things that speak to us and represent an aspect of who we are (do you think the fab lady in the photo above got those bangles from a strip mall in Mississauga? Probably not).

4. Become extremely wealthy: because eccentricity without cash flow is just regular old crazy 😉

Photo (and inspiration for this article) from: http://www.buzzfeed.com/angelamv/19-fabulous-style-tips-from-senior-citizens