The MET Gala: I don’t care, I’m going.

It’s important to have goals in life. Sometimes I set goals for myself that I know are a tad unrealistic and for a while I thought receiving an invitation to the annual MET Gala was one of them; but when I saw Kim Kardashian and Lala Anthony on the red carpet I thought, sheeeit, if THEY can go, I can DEFINITELY go.

Here are some ideas I’ve come up with on how I’m going to get there:

Option 1: Create edgy smash hit HBO show a la Lena Dunham – ideally, sit beside her and be her carb eating partner in crime.

Option 2: Lose 20lbs – become famous supermodel – keep paws OFF the bread basket.

Option 3: Date whoever is set to preform (apparently this can even get a MET gala ban from Anna Wintour lifted).

Option 4: Become besties with a fashion designer and come as his arm candy/muse (I think my boyfriend would probably prefer this to option 3).

Option 5: Become famous for my streetstyle and throwing epic fashion-kid parties a la Chloe Sevigny.

Option 6: Become a magazine editor/ style icon and show up and SCHOOL everybody on the red carpet a la Giovanna Battaglia (she is my girl crush/ ultimate style icon so I just had to throw her name in there).

Option 7: Make oohnikita a favorite amongst high power magazine editors, namely Mme. Wintour – receive had written invitation from her, delivered by a white dove.

For a thorough style recap from last night’s “Punk Couture” themed MET gala, check out:


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