Selfie: (sel – fee)
1. A photo in which the subject and the photographer are the same person
2. Characterized by a flip screen shot OR (my personal favorite) a photo taken into a mirror aka “The Mirror Selfie”

It’s clear that the concept of The Selfie is an inherently narcissistic one, especially because we tend to take them when we look exceptionally good (#outfitoftheday, #newhaircut). What we’re basically doing is saying, “Hey y’all, I look fine as hell today and nobody noteworthy has seen me, so eat your heart out, instafollowers!”

Now, if we had, say, a street-style-blogging-bestie who was constantly there to photograph our every fabulous outfit, then we wouldn’t be here styling, art directing, modeling in and photographing our own mini photoshoots; but unfortunately for most of us, that isn’t the case, which brings us to… The Selfie Conundrum:

Are we completely self-obsessed OR are we just longing to be muses?

You see, in the past, artists would fawn over beautiful women; they were the inspiration for paintings, songs, poetry, and all other art forms. Well that shit just doesn’t happen anymore and when we want a fabulous photo of ourselves in some epic getup, we damn well take it ourselves.

It’s no surprise, really. These days when a woman wants to brighten up her home, she goes and buys some peonies; if she wants a new dress, she goes out and treats herself; if she wants a baby, she heads to the sperm bank; so if she wants a photo of her good side in the right lighting, why WOULDN’T she take it herself?

So ladies, I say keep snappin’ those selfies, because you know as well as I do that when you want something done right, you do it yourself.