I decided to write this post today for all the ladies out there who have bigger problems than liking bad bitches.

Yes, you. You, with the fabulous taste and great sense of style. But, of course, you’re not just looks. You have a brain, common sense, priorities, logic. You wish you could make impulse purchases of luxury goods without feeling any tinge of buyer’s remorse but you just couldn’t possibly justify blowing $900.00 on a pair of heels.

Well that’s where I come in.

I too have one of those brains that are bursting with intelligent thoughts and logical reasoning. I’ve stopped myself from high street shopping hundreds of times and opted for more modestly priced knock offs. But after my favorite Zara tops unraveled before my eyes and all that was left of my H&M statement necklace was a big green ring around my neck, I decided that thrifty shopping for disposable fashion is just plain shitty logic. So I decided to swap it for a new system of thought that I like to call: The Luxury Goods Purchase Justification System. Hold on to your knickers, ladies, you’re about to pimp your wardrobes GUILT FREE.

Step 1: Remind yourself every time you shop: Quality > Quantity. Shop on sale, shop vintage, do what you gotta do but remember that if you buy 10 polyester, Made in China tops today, in 3 months you will have 10 tops that look like crap. Instead, save those bones and invest in something that you will love, cherish and not mind paying to dry clean. THAT is how wardrobes are built.

Step 2: Remember that tailoring is an art – An art that is dying because of people who produce and people who perpetuate the disposable fashion market, where clothes are shoddily sewn together by machines (or worse… You know where I’m going here). You don’t want the art of tailoring to DIE do you? DO YOU???? I didn’t think so.

Step 3: If steps 1 and 2 are a tad too abstract for you, here’s something for my practical friends: calculate how much it would cost you to rent your object of desire every time you wore it.
Example: These black Gianvito Rossi sandals are amazing and they will go with everything. They are excellent quality and they are classically chic. Since I will have them for years, I will wear them AT LEAST 50 times. Cost per use? $18.00!! What a steal.

Step 4: If you’re the type that feels guilty for buying luxury goods because you feel like it’s selfish, remember that IT’S NOT. Italy’s economy needs help, China’s does not. Do the right thing.

Step 5: If it’s not your conscience but your significant other that’s doing the guilting, divide the cost of your object of desire by the cost of a round of golf and tell your partner that you need a hobby too.

Happy shopping!