I swear; I think for a writer, the hashtag is by far the most fun internet creation of all time. It literally allows you to turn abstract ideas into things JUST BY PUTTING A NUMBER SIGN IN FRONT OF THEM! How crazy is that?

Well I’m going to put the handy hashtag to work today for a good cause: re-labeling. Women are constantly getting put into categories that – I’m assuming – are supposed to make us easier for the opposite sex to understand (HA! Ya right). But what happens is that we end up getting lumped together and arbitrarily thrown into sometimes unfitting boxes with no questions asked; and as far as I see it, that just isn’t fair.

Thus, I present you with a new, more liberal box. One where the shame is lessened and the high-fives and “you go girls” are multiplied.

Behold: Goal Digger.

I’m probably the last person you would expect to attempt to coin a term in defense of women who are labeled as ‘Gold Diggers’. Nothing irks me more than a totally brainless chick who is constantly on the hunt for a man who will buy her a lifetime supply of pink Louis Vuitton bags and blonde hair extensions; however, I think there is a fundamental issue with the term: It is making smart, successful, worldly women “date down” out of fear of being thrown into a box full of bimbos.

It’s not right that women who are attracted to ambition and success often get painted with a bad brush. You know what the funny thing about successful people is? THEY’RE USUALLY FUCKING INTERESTING! What self-respecting woman WOULDN’T have “must be interesting” on their list of dating parameters? Do you think that a man becomes successful by being a trifling good for nothin type’a brotha? Probably not. And guess what, he probably has drive, a strong work ethic, brains, charm and confidence as well.

Ladies, it’s not your fault if the person who embodies all of those characteristics happens to also be rich. In fact, it would be more surprising if he wasn’t!

What fascinates/disturbs me most is that the term ‘Gold Digger’ has actually managed to shame the modern woman into thinking that we should be attracted to the WRONG kind of men. You know the ones – the video game playing, “just figuring themselves out”, “fuck the system” losers. Why do you think we’re always telling each other, “girl, you are way too good for him”?

This cycle of great girls dating dead beats needs to stop and stop now. We need to applaud women who refuse to settle. Fear should not stop us from expecting greatness from the men we choose to date. Go out and spread the word. Tell all your single ladies to keep their heads, heels, and standards high because being a #goaldigger is actually totally badass.