Lately I’ve been observing people on their respective journeys through life. The good news is that some of you really seem to get it! You’re happy, healthy, well informed, interesting, non-judgemental – an all-round pleasure to be around. Bravo to you, indeed! The rest of you, however, are kinda fucking up. Being the observant little lady that I am, I’ve noticed that there are some key things that the people who seem to have life figured out do that the people who are just treading water are dropping the ball on.

With those things as my guide, here are 10 tips I’ve been able to come up with for how to suck at life less:

1. Travel. Even if it’s once a year, you need to get out of the city you live in and discover new cultures. It will open your mind and rejuvenate your soul.

2. Stop eating margarine. Honestly just fucking stop it; that shit is all chemicals and eventually, it will kill you.

3. Read a novel every once in a while. Yes, an actual BOOK. Fiction, non-fiction, whatever you think you can commit to for a few hundred pages. Reading is like exercise for your brain. If you learn nothing but the difference between your and you’re, consider it a win.

4. Know a bit about whats going on in the world. Either skim over a reputable world news website in the morning, watch the 11:00 news, WHATEVER. It will raise your awareness, increase your capacity for empathy and HOPEFULLY make you grateful for all the wonderful things in your life.

5. Exercise. And no, I’m not saying you should go join a hardcore crossfit class. Even a brisk daily walk or some light weight lifting will do the trick. Give yourself the chance to feel strong; it will give you a glimpse of just how infinite your strength is.

6. Clean up your fucking living space; you are not a teenager anymore. A tidy space translates to a tidy mind – it’s time to pick your clothes up off the floor and maybe even consider running a swifter over it.

7. Educate yourself about nutrition – even just the basics. At MINIMUM you should know the difference between good carbs and bad carbs, understand the importance of breakfast, and you should also be at least a little bit afraid of TV dinners.

8. Quit taking everything so personally. People’s actions and words are almost always WAY more about them than they are about you. Instead of internalizing every bit of negativity, chalk it up to them having a shit day and move on.

9. Wear sunscreen. And I mean ACTUAL sunscreen. I’m talking, at least SPF25. How many leathery, sun spotted old people do you have to see before you start protecting your skin? Good god people.

10. Put your fucking phone down and enjoy the company you’re holding. Being fully present rather than playing Angry Birds will change the way you experince life for the better; I promise.