Whether she’s pushing a stroller, pulling a wagon, bike-chauffeuring or wearing her little one in a sling, when a Toronto mama passes one of her own kind as she makes her way down the busy city streets, expect a warm smile or a knowing nod; afterall, we are all in this together.  We know the sacrifices we’ve made to remain living within city limits with our kids.  Is it super convenient? No. Is it worth it? Abso-fucking-lutely. So incase you need a reminder… here’s how to know for sure if you’re a bonified downtown mama:

1. It freaks you out when people tell you they’re giving birth somewhere other than Mt. Sinai or Sunnybrooke.


2. You are suddenly appauled by the serious lack of wheelchair accessible subway stations on the TTC.


3. You can’t plan play dates with anyone who doesn’t live in your neighbourhood because traffic is so bad that by the time you get to their house, your kid has to nap again.


4. You get jealous when you find out that your friends have a new LCBO within walking distance of their house.


5. You get excited at the end of winter when the temperature hits the -5  mark because you can finally go for a walk with your baby without him getting frost bite.


6. Your favourite gifts come in Jacadi boxes or Advice from a Catterpillar bags.

jacadi     advice2

7. You purchased a compact stroller so you would be able to easily get in and out of narrow coffee shop doorways.

white squirrel

8. You bring your baby to brunch – because NOTHING is getting between you and your grapefruit mimosa.


9. You’re buddies with the girl who works at your local fresh pressed juice spot.


(oh hey there Jessica at The Raw Chemist!)

10. Come hell or high water, your brows are going to look fresh.


11. Your baby daddy has a beard.

beard and baby12. Everyone thinks you do yoga for the health benefits, but really, your yoga studio is just the only place you can go and experience an hour and a half of uninterrupted silence.

breathe yoga

(My silent escape is Breathe Yoga Studio in The Junction)

13. You shed a tear of joy when you found out that Grand Electric delivers – now you can enjoy your tacos even when you’re housebound with a sleeping baby!

20131101-toronto-tacos-grand-electric - impulsivity

14. You anxiously await the SALE e-mails from mini mioche.


15. Your baby has been to Florida 3 times before his first birthday because one of your friends or family members has a vacation pad there.

florida beau

16. Your idea of going to the park is less jungle gyms and more laying out a blanket in Trinity Bellwoods with your buds.


17. Your nursery is curated with little treasures found at the many little shops you pop into during your strolls around the city (these CANNOT be compared to Pottery Barn grabs, sorry).

chic nursery

18. When you’ve run out of Mum Mums, your go-to baby snacks include gluten free oatmeal and date cookies from the bakery around the corner.


19. Your baby sees *actual* firetrucks, ambulances, cop cars and street cars on a daily basis – Not just the ones in pop up books.

city street

20.  You are obsessed with baby wearing.

baby wearing 2

21. You get REALLY excited when you see a new stop-gap ramp leading up to the doorway of your favourite shop or restaurant.

stop gap

22. You have accepted the reality of summer construction and now look at the random detours as a forced (but welcome) change of scenery.

toronto construction

23. You develop a knot in your stomach when you realize you’re coming up to a section of “THE PATH” that is not wheelchair accessible.


24. You say a little prayer before your streetcar approaches in hopes that a friendly stranger will help you hoist you stroller up the steps.


25. You are super grateful for parks and the free city programs at libraries, community centres and drop-ins because they allow your kid to go wild without completely distroying your 1000sq.ft home.


26. You find it appauling when there is no handicap buttons on doors; you find it even more appauling when people watch you struggle to maneuver your stroller through entryways without offering to help (luckily, this is actually quite uncommon because Torontonians are usually nice as hell).


27. You know which restaurants have high chairs and/or you have a portable one that comes EVERYWHERE with you.

starving artist

28. When people comment on how un-baby-friendly the city is, you don’t even argue with them. Instead, you let them keep living in the ‘burbs and pray they never find out how amazing it is to  raise a kid in Toronto – we don’t need any more potential home buyers driving up the cost of real estate around here!


Can you think of any more tell-tale Toronto Mama signs? I’d love to hear them!  Feel free to leave your additions to the list in the comments!

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  1. Aleksandra says:

    – Your nursery is curated with little treasures found at the many little shops you pop into on walks around the city. (these CANNOT be compared to Pottery Barn grabs, sorry.)
    – Your kids snacks include gluten free oatmeal and date cookies from the bakery around the corner
    – Your baby sees *actual* firetrucks, ambulances, cop cars and street cars on a daily basis.. Not just the ones in pop up books.
    – You feel no ways about getting around construction sites with a stroller, and enjoy a good crosswalk.


    1. oohnikita says:

      YES! Keep ’em coming!!


    2. Too says:

      You own at least one baby carrier and use it daily.


  2. Aleksandra says:

    Reblogged this on gorge mess and commented:
    Runnin’ through the 6 with my… baby.

    ATTENTION fellow Rebel Mamas – follow OhhNikita for a proper take on motherhood!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for the helpful article


    1. TheRebelMama says:

      Glad you enjoyed it!


  4. torontomama1 says:

    Omg. To all of these, YES! Except Florida. Both my babies have been to Europe before one…so equivalent?


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