If you know me personally, then you know that I’m basically 4-1-1 when it comes to random information regarding fashion, food, interior design, and non-abrasive baby products, and no matter what, my wealth of (admittedly often useless) information always proves to be a lifesaver for someone in need: Want to know where to buy a shearling coat in June? I’m your girl. Can’t find a sleep sack big enough for your 2 year old? I got you.

Recently, I have made a discovery that I felt the need to share with all of you (since telling my mom, grandma, and most of my close friends didn’t quite cut it for me this time).

I should preface this by informing you that I have a fear of online shopping for clothes.  Why? Because I work in fashion and I’m therefore obsessed with style and fit. In fact, I rarely bring things home without a quick trip to the tailor to make sure that the garment looks like it was made just for me.

ENTER: eShakti.  This little gem is an online store that carries size 0-36, offers customizable necklines, hem lengths, sleeve lengths and gives customers the option of entering their exact measurements to have the garment made to order for an additional SEVEN DOLLARS AND FIFTY FRIGGIN’ CENTS.

Do you know what this means? You can have a dress made to accommodate your swimmer’s shoulders and size 25 waist.  You can have a coat made to accommodate your new lactating double-D boobs.  You can like the look of a mini dress but have it made as a maxi because you hate shaving your legs. THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER, MY FRIENDS.

Here is my little eShakti gem:

FullSizeRender (59) FullSizeRender (58) FullSizeRender (57)

Being in the early stages of pregnancy, I’m always looking for cool pieces to throw over simple (ahem, stretchy) outfits.  Normally, I opt for a great knit or a tailored blazer, so when I saw THIS (originally) knee-length, sleeveless vest, I thought it would be the perfect thing to add to my wardrobe… except I already own a navy blue, calf-length, sleeveless vest, so I decided to customize.  I cropped the length a little, added a short sleeve to give it more of an edge and BAM! New maternity piece that can totally be worn dressy or casual, indoor or out, pre or post baby.  In short, I am obsessed.

If you’re also fit-crazy (or you can just never find clothes that fit your proportions properly, like most of us gals), then a trip over to eShakti may just be worth your while.  (You can also stalk them on FBPinterest, and Instagram)

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  1. leswartz says:

    I worked in fashion for awhile and I like a tailored look too, thanks for the tip! I will be checking this site out 🙂


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