We love small businesses.  We love to support local talent. We love our city. We love making Drake references in blog post titles. We love eating at interesting little restaurants, stumbling upon quaint cafes, and shopping at well curated boutiques. Well actually, we love shopping period, but nothing beats a charming Toronto boutique where we can chat with the owners, marvel over the quality of goods and level of service, and listen to stories of how they discovered a great new brand or little-known designer.  But most of all, we love knowing that our money is going toward someone’s vision, someone’s dream, and not just into a giant machine that spits out generic crap to the masses and tags it “trendy”.

We like to think of ourselves as mindful consumers.  Clutter is the absolute worst and the idea of giving and receiving a bunch of useless disposable junk during the holidays makes us feel a bit queasy. We’re willing to bet that a lot of you Rebels feel the same way too… But where’s a gal to shop? Don’t you worry, mama, we got you.

Since we want you guys to be superstars in the gift-giving department this year, we’ve decided to dedicate the whole month of December to the small businesses and local shops that we would hate to imagine our lives without.  We are hardcore Toronto mamas. We are city die-hards. We know all too well that this amazing town of ours is filled to the brim with incredible, creative entrepreneurs and some of the best independent boutiques you could ever hope to stumble upon, so we thought, what the hell are we doing keeping our favourite hidden gems a secret? Sharing is caring y’all and that’s just what we plan on doing all month because it’s friggin’ Christmas for God’s sake! If you’re not in the mood for spreading joy (and shopping tips) now, then what the hell kinda spirit are you working with over there?

Let’s be savvy and merry, conscious and generous; let’s shop local and make it a wonderful holiday season, not just for our own families and loved ones, but also for the amazing, hard working business owners that make our home such a sweet home.

So here’s the deal; be sure to check in with us every Monday this month to discover the coolest #rebelmamaapproved hidden gems Toronto has to offer in our weekly small business features and don’t forget to keep an eye out for discounts and giveaways (because it seems like we’re not the only ones who want to spread some holiday cheer this season).  

Also, make sure you’re following us on Instagram, because we’ll be running mini-features on there all month long too. And hey, if you have an amazing local business that you think The Rebels need to know about, don’t be shy! Tag us (@therebelmama) for a chance to be insta-featured!

Happy December, Rebel Mamas! (Holy shit, it really is DECEMBER. Time flies when you’re chasing rugrats, doesn’t it?)

*Featured image by Toronto Photographer and #rebelmama Aleks Jassem. Check out more of her work HERE!

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