Meet the newly appointed head-chef of the Rebel Kitchen, Shonelle Pinch: Foodie, fitness junkie and #REBELMAMA to the bone.  

This 39-year-old firecracker stepped into her role as mama to her beautiful daughter, Samantha, at the age of 16 (causing a major uproar in her all-girls, nun-led high school, of course).  

new mom Shontelle Pinch

Motherhood is a challenge for all of us (imagine giving it a go before you’ve even finished secondary school?), but our girl never met a challenge that she didn’t take head on.  She’s a daredevil, a track star, a Muay Thai boxer, a yogi, an avid traveller, and a fashion enthusiast – but the thing she loves most (well, second most… her daughter is always her #1) is food.


Shontelle’s passion for food runs deep and goes far beyond the mere act of consuming it.  If you’ve ever tasted one of her modern twists on classic favourites from her fan-favourite food truck, Gourmet Bitches, you know you’re dealing with someone knows what the hell she’s doing. Unsurprisingly, it all stemmed from her own mom (a Rebel Mama in her own right), who raised her children in an organic household – before the term was exploited by the market, that is.  Even in the late-70s, as a child, Shontelle’s Saturday morning started at 6am because the whole family had to be at the market by 7-sharp. Without even realizing it, her mother had instilled in her the importance of shopping local/organic/small. Not only was she taught to love food, but she was taught to respect and understand it as well.


Photo of Shontelle Pinch by Elaine Fancy

So what does this all mean for you?  Friggin’ awesome, super unconventional, nutritionally sound, unbelievably simple and delicious recipes! Woohoo!

Her first post is coming at you tomorrow morning (SPOILER ALERT: She’s arming you with the tools you’ll need to kick that inevitable New Year’s Day hangover)! Stay tuned for that and so much more from our spicy new contributor.


Welcome to Team Rebel Mama, Shontelle!

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*Cover photo by Elaine Fancy