Kelly is that one friend who instantly and magically calms your aura simply by being in the same room. I’m so grateful to have her around (EVEN on play dates, she manages to bring her chill factor, making us all – spawns included – calm the hell down) and I want to share her with you, fellow Rebels!

I met this blonde beauty long before we had kids, or any actual responsibilities really. Our worlds collided at some shmancy too-cool-for-school penthouse party somewhere in the realm of 2006/2007.

*Don’t remind us that it’s been a decade, please; it hurts the soul.

Fast forward to 2014, when both of us graced the world with our offspring. We had always stayed in touch, but nothing brought us quite as closely back together as this pair of unpredictable little people with whom we navigated the unknown world of motherhood. We both aided one another in different ways; Kelly kept me peaceful, and I snuck Cheerios to Charley before her mum noticed.


In addition to the usual back and forth motherhood rants, we also connected on the whole mindful / spiritual / yogi vibe. Where I am a wanna-be yogi and do my stretches inconsistently throughout the week (mostly when I can’t feel my body anymore), Kelly is a Freelance Yoga Teacher and holds her daily practice as a priority.  She inspired me to take time for myself seriously, and helped me understand that implementing simple techniques of not only yoga, but meditation, aided me in becoming a more focused, centered, and – above all – relaxed human being.

Throw the daily stresses of motherhood in the mix, and it becomes even more necessary.

“I believe that each day, our yoga practice is different. Some days we
have more energy than others and some days we need to have a slow (but
effective) practice. I put a lot of emphasis on layering deep breath
with movement, so we can almost get into a movement meditation.”

And what’s the best thing about implementing a daily routine of yoga and meditation? Be it 10 minutes or 20 (whatever you can spare) it will make you feel whole again.

“I’m most appreciative of having the time to myself more than before; that one hour of ‘me time’ where I can just be quiet, breathe and get stronger, physically and
mentally.” – She says.

Although this isn’t the only way she relaxes (cooking & vino are high up on the list, as well as curating her daughters impeccable wardrobe) she’s agreed to come on board and help you to rid yourself of all those mama kinks and sore spots, and have you on your own way to a more fulfilled body & mind with some no BS, easy to follow techniques that even your kid may enjoy doing with you. (Mine is certainly fond of sitting on my lower back while I’m in the “Cobra” Pose, and has even taken to busting out his own moves – as illustrated below).

2016-01-22 06.18.26 1.jpg

What makes this feel-good yogi a Rebel Mama? She’s still real to the core and knows it ain’t always going to be roses.

“Next to my bedside are a bunch of incredible books … but after long day or night, I skip the intellect and go straight to gossip sites while eating peanut butter from the jar.”

We feel you sister, we feel you.

Stay tuned for her new post about Postpartum Aches & Pains, and how to relieve them, tomorrow on The Rebel Mama!

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Photos by Aleksandra Jassem