Oh, you didn’t know it was a scientific term?

Well, it isn’t. BUT IT SHOULD BE.

As you may already know (or will shortly find out), you don’t only lose your marbles while pregnant… as it turns out, even years after bringing baby into the world, you still somehow manage to forget where you left your damn car keys (they’re probably in the fridge) or how to compose a comprehensive sentence on a regular basis.

Sleep deprivation… fluctuating hormones… the fact that you’re responsible for remembering three million-billion-trillion pieces of information on a daily basis otherwise your kids / husband / cat / dog / and small business would die.

Ever completely lose your train of thought? Or wonder why, in fact, you’re standing on your driveway with a laundry basket under your left arm and your boob hanging out on the right? Then you have be plagued by Mom Brain.

*Also known as Momnesia, Baby Brain and general discombobulation.

But whatever the case, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Symptoms include (but are not limited to):

Reheating your coffee a minimum of four times a day.

Putting a diaper in the washing machine.

Putting a Tide Pod in the dryer.

Trying to squeeze your foot into your toddler’s winter boot.

Placing salad mix in the freezer. Along with the house keys.

Finally finding your phone. In the cutlery drawer.

Starting a small fire in the microwave… due to a soother clip.

Not remembering how to open your gas tank. (And Googling it.)

Applying hand soap to your toothbrush.

Spreading peanut butter on a paper towel.

Taking the leash for a walk. And forgetting the dog.

Putting instant oatmeal in the coffee machine.

Forgetting your own phone number. And your children’s names.

Washing an Ipad. (Cold water, delicate cycle.)

Putting a cooked chicken into a cabinet, and spending the rest of the day looking for it.

Pointing your car key fob angrily at the front door, and wondering why the hell it won’t open.

Sitting at a stop sign, waiting for a green light.

Freaking out about losing your phone. While on it.

Forgetting to pull down your underwear to pee.

Not remembering what you did on the weekend. Or 3 hours ago for that matter.

Using thesaurus.com on a daily basis to get emails out in legible form.

Losing yourself in the drama of Dory. An hour after your kid went to bed.

Relying on your Instagram filter to know what day of the week it is.

*Shout out to our crew of Rebels who inspired this piece with their tales of Mom-Brain!


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