My earliest memories of The Olympics are fond ones.

I remember my grandparents (both Jamaican immigrants to Canada) watching religiously when it was on. Of course, at the time, I would have much rathered “Lamb Chop’s Play Along” been playing in the background, but alas, I was merely a child at a time when it didn’t matter what the hell a child wanted to watch on TV so long as there was an adult in the room, so The Winter Olympics it was.

I asked them once why watching the skiing, and skating, and luging, and bobsledding, and hockey, and curling was so important to them. They said, “It’s what Canadians do.”


Now, 24 years later, sitting in a living room far, far away from the apartment in Abbotsford, BC where I asked for the very first time, ““Do we have to watch The Olympics?” – I realize that my grandparents were right. Canadians do love it. As is evidenced by the fact that my (very) Canadian boyfriend has tuned into CBC’s Olympic coverage… Every. Night. This. Week.

But as patriotic as I am, sports-on-TV is never gonna be my jam, and both my man and I are totally cool with that (thank gawd). So, while I wish all the Olympians the very best in their respective sports (games? activities?), I plan on spending every night for the next week unabashedly focusing on one thing and one thing only… ME!

When bedtime rolls around, my partner-in-parenting-crime will direct his undivided attention to our television set, and I will direct my undivided attention to all the wonderful, indulgent, beautifully selfish activities that make my rebel-soul smile.

Self-care, Self-love, Self-whatever-you-want-to-call-it – I am going all in this week (and I’m checking any guilt associated with doing so at the door).

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 10.16.30 PM.jpg

Here’s what I have in mind:

1. I’m going to take long, luxurious baths. I’m gonna throw in some cannabis-infused epsom salts (YAS they exist), light my fancy candles, pop in some sweet, sweet tunes, and warm up my poor, sad, winter-ridden body.

2. I’m gonna to call my long distance girlfriends who I miss dearly and spend my evening hours catching up with them about everything that has ever happened, ever.

3. I’m gonna get on The CBC Player and BINGE WATCH season 2, episodes 1-6 of the best Canadian TV show ever created, Workin’ Moms. I’m going to laugh out loud, cry openly, and yell “AMEN, SISTER” at my computer as loudly as I deem necessary, because this is MY show and this is MY house and I can get as emotionally invested in these characters as I damn well please, okay?! (Also, I just really need to get caught up on this season before it starts up again on Feb 27… eeek!)

[wpvideo jMA7JY1o ]

4. I’m also gonna stream every documentary that my boyfriend has shown zero interest in and I’m going to curl up in my bed and watch those too.

5. I’m going to stretch. I’m not even going into it thinking I’m hitting the mat for a hardcore yoga session. I’m just going to slowly stretch my body for as long as it feels good to do it.

6. I’m going to go after-hours Ikea shopping. I literally only like being in that place if I’m alone, with ample room to wander. Late-night is the only way.

7. I’m gonna cook. And not just throw a piece of fish in the oven and steam some broccoli. I’m gonna cook for pleasure – I’m gonna make my favourite dishes and then I’m gonna freeze them and then I’m gonna LOVE MYSELF SO HARD next week when I don’t have to bother with any of it.

8. I’m gonna teach myself how to edit video content so we can scratch off one of our New Year’s Resolutions and START A YouTube CHANNEL! You heard it here first! (p.s. send tips if you’ve got ‘em)

9. I’m gonna read. An actual book. Perhaps The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*uck, which has sat dormant on my reading list for far too long.

10. Finally, I’m gonna sleep. Ah yes, SLEEP! I’m gonna put my bath taking, YouTube-Learning, book-reading, cooking, Workin’-Moms-watching tail to bed. You know why? Because I’m worth it.



I hope this post has inspired you to not waste this next week, sitting on the couch, mindlessly scrolling through The ‘Gram while snow and ice and spandex dance across the television set in your peripheral. Embrace this as an opportunity to do literally anything that makes your soul happy (and does not require a cable TV connection). Life’s too short to not do whatever the hell you want to do – especially during the blessed hours between 7pm and 11pm.

P.S. Though we are currently separated by geography, through the magic of technology, Aleks and I have grand plans to catch up on CBC’s Workin’ Moms TOGETHER on FRIDAY NIGHT (Feb 23) and you’re invited to join us at our Instagram Viewing Party (which is obviously the best kind of party because you get to pick your own wine and pants are not required – Holla!). We’ll announce more details on Monday morning, so make sure you’re following us on Instagram so we can all jump on The CBC Player together and enjoy the best of Workin’ Moms (Season 2) as one big happy lady-tribe.






Featured Cover Image by Giuseppe Palmisano