For starters, I want my boys to understand their bodies – to know all the parts by name and to recognize that none of them work independently. Everything is connected.

I want them to never view their bodies as a source of shame.

I want them to never hear me speak ill of my own body or any bodies that cross my path.

I want them to know that scars tell stories. I want them to own the stories behind theirs.

I want them to understand the autonomy they have over their bodies. I hope understanding that will help them recognize the importance of personal autonomy and the self-determination of all human beings over their own bodies.

I want them to understand female bodies as well as male bodies.

I want them to see food as fuel for their bodies, as a source of pleasure, and as an agent for connection between us and our friends and families.

I want to answer every single question they have about their bodies and trust that if they’re asking, then they’re old enough to hear an honest answer.

I want them to know that gender and sex are connected but not interdependent.

I want them to touch their bodies. To moisturize their ears and scrub their feet so that they never go a day without showing a little love to the things that help us experience the world around us.

I want them to know that women’s bodies are to be respected for the gifts they bear and the sacrifices they endure for the continuation of the human race.

Since I created their bodies with mine, it only seems right that as I send them out to navigate this world for themselves, I leave them with the gift of love, appreciation, and respect for their own bodies and those of everyone else who walks the earth alongside them.

As the Sex Ed curriculum in Ontario turns the clocks back to fucking 1998 over the coming months and years, I encourage you to remember that real change starts at home. It’s helpful to have a body positive ally in the school system, but when we don’t, it’s even more important that we take steps to equip our kids with the knowledge they’ll need to make informed decisions about and form healthy relationships with their bodies as they move through childhood, adolescence and adulthood.

Taking knowledge away from children only disempowers them and I will be DAMNED if someone tries to disempower MY babies.

So if when the time comes they have to lead the bloody Sex Ed class, then so be it. Knowledge is contagious. Spread it if you can. Ignorance never ends well.

If you live in Ontario and you’d like to let the new Minister of Education know that you’re disturbed about the new government’s plan to nix the current sex-ed curriculum, send them an email.


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