Over-stressing about the unknown and attempting to slay each stage / milestone (including, but not limited to “back-to-school”) is the bane of every mother’s existence.

But remember back in the day when you were anxiety-ridden about all the newborn stuff? Do you also remember how the simple remedy was to step back, relax, and not overthink every little thing? Well that applies as our kids get older and jump into new experiences too.

Don’t let the internet fool you. Trust – School lunch is not something worth getting your panties in a knot over. After recently discussing lunchbox prep with a few fellow RM’s – some who have been in the lunch game for years – I learned a whole slew of lessons that I will now pass onto you in hopes we can all settle the F down about lunch for once and for all.


  1. Everyone hates being told what the fuck to do when it comes to lunch prep. Those well curated websites that boast visually stimulating (yet nearly impossible) lunch ideas? New rule: Ignore them.Image result for perfect mom cooking gif
  2. We all feel anxious enough about getting this school stuff right, and just need some real talk (and a list – scroll down, we got one). But chill, mama; it’s not actually as complicated at it seems.
  3. It’s very common for food to come right back home (even after you carefully peeled the grapes and cut the crusts) because kids steeping into school for the first time literally DO NOT give a damn about a well curated lunch and will go right for the snacks.
  4. On that note… SNACKS! Might as well make them worthwhile (aka healthy-ish) and load that whole $45 lunchbox (FML) to the brim with `em. A mixed bag still counts as a meal, girl.Image result for snacks gif
  5. The first couple of weeks of the job you will likely be ambitious and confident AF in your lunch making skills. Know that this level of gumption will not last. By the end of the school year, you will be scrambling for ideas and reading the nutritional value on a box of Cheerios and there ain`t no shame in that game.
  6. No one wants to cut fucking shapes out of food. Let’s collectively STOP.
  7. It’s not worth feeling bad over repetitive lunches / boring lunches / last min lunches / IDGAF lunches. Your kid will not starve and will 100% make up for it later in the day.Image result for pigging out gif

SO, the NEW game plan is: a big breakfast, a load of snacks for lunch, a big dinner, and a whole cup of CHILL THE F OUT. When in doubt, remind yourself that you made it through the 80’s alive and well, and I’m pretty sure your parents just scraped leftovers into Tupperware and called it a day.

Image result for chill gif

(because we’d never leave you hanging without one)

FRUITS – blueberries, raspberries, grapes, strawberries, cantaloupe, kiwi, apples, pears, banana, peaches… go nuts. The produce aisle is your friend.

VEGGIES – cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, baby spinach leaves with olive oil and lemon, pre steamed or raw brocolli, leftover roasted veggies, celery, asparagus, carrots, peppers, sweet potatoes, potato latkes and whatever else floats your boat as you cruise the supermarket.

PROTEIN – chick pea & corn salad, lentils with olive oil salt and lime, sliced organic meats, turkey or ham rolls, premade flavoured tofu, salmon / tuna salad sandwich, egg salad or hard boiled eggs, avocado mash with lemon for dipping.

DAIRY – sliced cheddar or swiss, Babybell cheese, Laughing Cow cheese, drinkable yogurt.

GRAIN – crackers, quinoa, rice with veggies, left over grain salad, sliced baguette, pasta pasta pasta, leftover pizza. All of the carbs.

SNACKS – popcorn, raisins, soy nuts, cereal, granola bars, mini muffins, veggie chips, pickles, olives.

* Pro Tip: Grab yourself a jar of Wow Butter for a PB sandwich that won’t get anyone expelled.

Got anything else to add into the snack / lunch box? Leave a comment and we will add it to the list.

Happy snacking!


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Children eating their school meals at Grange Park Infants’ School, Sunderland, in 1967
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