Well, we finally heeded your advice to take The Rebel Mama off paper and funnel it right through your speaker system instead…


A podcast about good food and big ideas that we created with 2 of our best girlfriends, cultural aficionado Ariane Laezza and chef Camille More.

(Take a listen to our INTRO episode below)

Clearly this is not your typical parenting podcast; in fact, it’s not a parenting podcast at all. It’s a podcast about four women exploring their curiosities about culture, legacy, traditions and the female experience (fear not – it is also laced with humour, wit, and expletives – as per always).

Naturally, since we’re a crew of do-ers (for better or for worse), we jumped head first into the world of pod without knowing much about how to record, edit or upload one (hehe oops). After a few tries (and a lot of help from our pal Brandon Allen who has unwittingly fallen into the role of sound engineer, editor, and co-producer of the show) we think we’ve finally got it figured out!

(Listen to EPISODE ONE below)

You’ll notice this episode is called “Why are we still talking about the holidays?” and the answer is simply that nobody told us that Apple would take it’s sweet time “approving” our little Pod-baby! We swear, it was super relevant when we recorded it (lol).

Anyway, we hope you enjoy the banter, the stories, and the joy that is listening to four women NOT gossiping… because honestly, there are just SO many better things to talk about.

To get notified when new episodes go live, make sure to follow us on SOUNDCLOUD (until Apple gets their shit together) and of course, follow our bomb-diggidy IG account for a daily dose of @4womennotgossiping.

Thank you to everyone told us we NEEDED to start a podcast.

Thank you to LVBX Magazine for naming 4WNG a podcast worth waiting for.

Thank you to Brandon for all the help.

Thank you to Anna Bertram (@cocomerocontent) for the BTS photos.

And thank YOU for listening.

Chat soon!






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