It’s come to our attention that while we’ve posted photos of beautiful joints on Instagram, recommended our favourite vape pens to inquisitive ladies in our forum, and been interviewed about weed in both print and pod format a handful of times, we actually haven’t posted anything on here about our favourite little plant since we found ourselves Up at the Farm this summer with Up Cannabis. (Lol remember that?)

Wha? How’s that possible? We need to rectify this immediately.

So much has happened in the cannabis space since we spoke about it last. I mean, IT’S LEGAL NOW. Products are coming out fast and furious – in skin care, in self-care, in mental health, in healing.

What a time to be alive! Especially for those of us who love weed. It’s a crazy little plant and we personally think it’s the bees knees and we really don’t care who knows it.

News Flash: Nobody’s out here getting frat-boy-bong-hit high any more (not mid-week anyway). That was for the days of not always having to be on standby in case someone starts projectile vomiting in their crib. Now it’s about using weed to sustain wellness – to keep stress at bay and thoughts fresh. It’s about finding that sweet spot wherein you’re in control, but your body is relaxed. You’re aware of your surroundings, but you’re in your head – able to think a little deeper, about slightly weirder shit.

For us, weed is a way to zone in, not out. It allows us to focus on one thing. To silence the noise in our heads that buzzes constantly about schedules and meals and preferences and appointments and friends and sensitivities for long enough to find some semblance of clarity (even if only for a few hours at a time).

Sometimes we zone into our work. Sometimes we zone into our kids. Sometimes we zone into the details of our household. Either way, everything is more enjoyable when you give the moment your full attention and weed gets us there quickly when we’re in a pinch.

As a plant we have loved it for over a decade, but in recent years our love for cannabis as an industry has also grown too. It has emerged as an industry that women are carving a space for themselves in. Is it still overrun with boring white guys? In many ways, yes it is. But the products in the cannabis space that are being designed for women are being designed by women and they’re fucking perfect. Women are allowed to be innovative in cannabis and seeing what their brainchilds look like upon execution is inspiring.

So why the sudden and unprovoked exaltation of love for our green leafy friend, you ask?

Because we had a hunch that there’s a lot of other moms out there who have very similar sentiments toward this plant and its flower as we do. We’re seeing glimpses of a few, slowly emerging from the “pot smoker” closet. Many have been hot-boxing that bad-boy for years without ever feeling like they could come out to their #roseallday crew without fear of judgement or ridicule. But guess what, bitches? Martha fucking Stewart is releasing a line of edibles so the gig is up!

Cannabis is here and moms are using it. Grandmas are using it. Great Grandmas are using it. They using it as lube. They’re using it as face cream, as bath bombs, and as chap stick. They’re dropping CBD oil in their smoothies, and munching on gummies before Thanksgiving dinner, and you know what, a lot of us are plain old smoking it because getting high is groovy and if you want to be weird and judgmental about that then that’s your loss because potheads only share with nice people.

But in all seriousness, there are endless ways to use cannabis and still be a competent human being and as long as you’re not puff puff passing to any minors or getting behind the wheel of a car stoned, we wholeheartedly believe that nobody should give a fuck. Maintaining archaic taboos is going to do nothing to propel cannabis research in a direction where it needs to go to actually help to serve women’s needs. Hiding and pretending and lying is going to do nothing to save our psyches.

And so we’ll end this post in typical Rebel Mama fashion by saying this: Do you and don’t give anyone bad vibes for doing them.

The ice caps are melting, the bees are dying, and we’re still electing misogynists to public office. Collectively, we’ve got bigger fish to fry that fretting over who’s smoking the reefer out back, wouldn’t you say?


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