WELCOME TO THE REBEL MAMA – A “Mom Blog” for the rest of us.

At the helm of this ship are two women who set out on a mission to re-imagine motherhood back in 2014, after their initial foray into the online mommy-world left a lot to be desired. The pair decided that modern moms deserve something better, something cooler. And with that, The Rebel Mama was born.

Affectionately hailed as the “anti-mommy bloggers”, Aleks (the blonde one) and Nikita (the brunette one)* believe that the kindest thing we can do for ourselves (and our sanity)  is acknowledge that there is more than one formula for a healthy family dynamic and more than one kind of woman who can be a good mom.

It’s OK to be different; it’s OK to be unapologetic; it’s OK to be “politically incorrect”; it’s OK to be vain, or crass, or even a little selfish – just be who you are and own that shit.

If you love your kids and you’re committed to doing right by them, then everything will be just fine – including you.

So, here’s to cutting the bullshit. Here’s to ditching the guilt. And here’s to you, you stone cold fox. Let’s get through this all motherhood stuff together, shall we?




*don’t let the wigs fool you.

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  1. Lauren Levy says:

    Hi Nikita,

    We love your site and would love to partner with you in some capacity. We own the boutique Ani + Wren in Toronto – we cater to expectant moms but with a lot of cool , non-maternity clothing. We think there are lots of great parallels between are businesses and we think we can do a really cool contest or promotion together.

    Let us know what you think. Looking forward to hearing from you!



    1. Hey Lauren! I totally agree! Fire me off an email to rebelmama101@gmail.com when you have a second and let’s figure out a way to collaborate!
      X Nikita

  2. Sophie Angers says:

    Hi I bought a black rebel mama shirt. I didn’t received any confirmation. Just want to make sure it was all good
    Sophie Angers
    401-2055 Danforth Ave
    Toronto Ontario

    1. Hey girl! It went out yesterday!! Let me know once you’ve read this and I’ll delete your comment (we don’t need the world knowing your address lol). You’ll be rocking your tee in no time!! X

  3. Monika Orzechowski says:

    Hey Rebel Mamas,
    Just wondering if you will be producing / selling any more of the limited edition rebel mama jerseys. It is my sister’s 1st mother’s day this year and I think she would love it!

    1. Hey! We will not be producing any more of the black on black… but send me an email to Nikita@therebelmama.com 😉

  4. Love this, love your blog!!! I am so on board with starting a mama revolution! Keep it up babes!!


  5. laugraeva says:

    Hi N&A, do you accept submissions/pitches? I’d love to write for you!
    Cheers, Lauren x

    1. Hi! We sure do! Email us at info@therebelmama.com

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