Melanie Groom is a ray of f*cking sunshine.

Not in that fake, stepford wife, cookie-baking way – in a genuine, positive and radiant way. But don’t let her fool you; she can throw back tequila like nobody’s business and I can attest to that. Old bartending habits die hard.

Lucky for me, Mel was staying just up the street while vacationing in Florida, and I managed to get together with this contagiously happy human to chat about what keeps this Rebel Mama smiling (and how it can potentially rub off on me.)


Melanie is not only an instructor at Studio Lagree and an Executive Regional VP with Arbonne, but she’s also a new mother to almost-three-month-old, Winnie. She plows through life with heart and puts her family first; she has a weak spot for all animals (she’s a proud mama to two horses and a boxer – add that to the household chores) and is working hard to show her daughter how to live life with purpose.

She believes you have to lead with love in every situation – especially the most challenging ones – and that you can truly accomplish everything you desire if you put it in your mind and make it your daily goal. Ambitious, gracious, hardworking and sweet as cherry pie, this girl seems to have found a recipe for success… And we want the Coles notes.

You are one of the most positive & open-minded people I know, how have you kept that spirit alive during the first few months of becoming a mama?

My mindset is something I value tremendously so I constantly work on it. In the past I would have been shy to say that I choose the ‘self-help’ section at Chapters 90% of the time, but now I completely embrace it. During the first couple of months of becoming a mother I had fabulous advice from my own mom and mother-in-law that everyday is different, and when you encounter a “stage”, just know that it will pass and another one will arrive. So I knew that when the going got tough, I just had to be tougher. I genuinely try to go with the flow because I believe that what you resist persists. I knew that sleeping was going to be forever changed so I’ve done my best to embrace that change!

Your specialty is health, beauty and wellness – what are some simple things a mama can do on the daily to keep herself beautiful inside and out?

Since Winnie was born I have made it a point to wash my face properly every morning, put on cc cream, a little bronzer and blush, and a lick of mascara (I’ve even mastered this with one hand now!). It literally takes less than 3 minutes and keeps me confident about the way I look. I throw my hair up and I’m ready for the day. If you are breast feeding, you need to hydrate and I am obsessed with my Swell water bottle – the best thing we can do for our insides is HYDRATE, so I keep it close at all times.



I know you’re a fitness junkie; what were some of the first exercises you reintroduced to your postpartum body?

Working out makes me feel good, gives me more energy and definitely makes me happier! The first thing I reintroduced was stretching, and I LOVE pretty much any 15-20 minute workout on YouTube. You don’t need any fancy equipment or a lot of space, just carve out time during the day when baby is resting and go to it. I love Fitness Blender!

You’re in business for yourself and you’re always striving for greatness; how do
you manage to stay focused and make sure your other baby is thriving too?

This was a real challenge for me in the first month – I actually had to say
to myself, “Alright, you’re a new mom; it’s cool if you make that your priority and slow the hell down!” For 36 years my life has been mine, and now that is forever changed. It definitely wasn’t easy for my mind to catch up to that. Fortunately I do work from home, and am lucky enough to choose my times during the day to work. I believe it is important for the working mama to allow our little beings to take the number one spot in our day, and know that we can still build an empire… just the steps getting there will be different.

Children are always watching and learning from us – what kind of things do
you hope to teach your daughter that speaks to your own values as a woman?

I hope to teach Winnie to accept all human beings for exactly who they
are.  I hope to teach her to love herself first and always be working on
herself.  I want her to know that life should be lived slightly outside of her comfort
zone and the world is her oyster. I want her to lead with love, all the time!


Any tips for us on keeping a positive frame of mind and not caving into
the dark hole of complaining and being generally grumpy (which we
know can happen when we’re sleep deprived…)

I am a huge believer in what you think about you bring about. The first thing you can do in the morning before your feet hit the floor is name three things you are grateful for – I do it before bed as well.  Say them in your head or share them with your partner (or baby!) Doing it before bed will magically make you slightly happier at that 2am feed, I promise. We are beyond blessed to be mothers; so many people desire to be parents and sadly it doesn’t happen for everyone.  In the big picture we should always be grateful. The more gratitude you show, the more prosperous you will be.

What does being a Rebel Mama mean to you?

Being a Rebel Mama to me means loving the journey of motherhood but also being super real about it – sharing your honest experiences with other moms, helping one another get through it all, and being part of a community that doesn’t judge. To me, being a Rebel Mama means going with the flow one day at a time, being as present as possible and trying not to swim against the current. It’s about not being perfect but being open. I still want and need my Me Time, and make a point to get it guilt free. It’s important to come back to yourself and stay connected to the woman you were before motherhood. I need coffee and wine to live, I let my instincts guide me, and building my family life is my favourite role so far.

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Photos by Aleksandra Jassem