I can’t even believe that I’m writing this out-loud right now but here it goes anyway.

I’ve been watching The Real Housewives of Toronto.

There. I said it.

I like shitty TV. And so does Aleks (sorry for throwing you under the bus like this, babe). And the other day we were talking about the newest hat-tip to our home town (The Housewives) and we noted that a huge portion of the Toronto elite must be so annoyed at how they’re are being portrayed in Canadian media. 

And they have every right to be.

The show is as mindless as it needs to be in order to fit into the franchise. Somehow it starts and ends and you’re left a bit stunned that an hour just went by that damn fast and you’re not sure if you want your sweet time back or if it was an hour very happily wasted.

But no matter how you slice it, the show does not do the city or the women who inhabit it any due justice. (Actually, the blonde personal trainer is kinda boss… but I digress)

The real “housewives of Toronto” who we know, make this town vibrant and exciting. They infuse art and culture to this city of mirrored glass. They give back to the community by making it a more interesting place to be for those of us who are lucky enough to call Toronto home.

They help finance architectural projects that diversify our skyline, they support the medical field to help make our hospitals some of the best in North America; They save endangered animal species, support visual artists and incubate budding talent in fashion and music.

And they’re likely too busy, too private, and too cool to take up an offer to star as a “Real Housewife” on TV.

They wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair of Valentino Rock Stud Stilettos. They talk about ideas rather than people. They read books – not gossip magazines. They spend their time trying to make themselves better and trying to make life better for those around them – and I don’t just mean the people who they rub shoulders with at society parties, I mean for the city at large and anyone who comes here to enjoy it.

The real “housewives of Toronto” reel at the word “housewife”.

They’re genuine, they’re complex, they’re articulate, they’re passionate, they’re compassionate and they’re everywhere.

Ours is a city that’s FULL of amazing women – from Queen Street to Forest Hill – but we know you already know. And while it’s admittedly fun to watch a bunch of mismatched ladies in funny (albeit expensive) clothes, drink cocktails and ride in stretch limos to Yorkville (barf) we felt the need to say SOMETHING to speak to all the truly amazing at-home Toronto mamas out there who move mountains to make our city a player on an international cultural playing field (and who can also move their foreheads – which we really think helps them keep things ?).

And yet, with all that being said, we will more than likely continue our shitty TV habits for another week to come. We’ll tune in to The Real Housewives when we want help shutting our brains off… When we want to turn our brains on, though; when we want to get inspired and discuss key issues and discover interesting new places/things, we’ll call upon the real “housewives” of Toronto – those girls know what’s up.


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