A week ago today, I had the privilege of being set up on the most successful blind date of all time. The place was agreed upon (Mt Sinai Hospital), the time was arranged (11:00am), and after a brief stint laying belly-up on an operating table surrounded by a bunch of really nice strangers in scrubs, led by my quirky and hilarious OB, Dr. Giannoulias, Mr. Rocco A Dynak made his grand entrance.

The rumours are true, folks – the heart can expand at a more rapid rate and to a more massive size than you ever thought possible in the matter of moments.

Rocco 5

Our remarkable little potato came into the world straight flexin’ and it became instantly clear that he’s already one of us – the last piece of The Rebel Family puzzle.

Since we’ve been home, things have been peaceful and weirdly under control thanks to the Rebel Grands (between my parents and Anthony’s we are completely spoiled), who – despite trying circumstances – have fulfilled their duties of being the most loving, helpful people on planet earth. #grandparentsforever

(Don’t worry – I will be reporting back in a few weeks when help moves out and the shit show of simultaneously keeping a toddler and a newborn alive settles in… but for now, I’ll just be over here enjoying my little brood, my tidy house, warm meals and some peace and quiet!)

Thank you to everyone who kept us in their thoughts last Friday and to all of you who have taken the time to congratulate us and wish us well. We can feel the love and we’re sending a whole bunch of it right back atcha.


This post is dedicated to my Grandpa, who left us the morning before Rocco’s birthday – Little man has quite the team of guardian angels now.