Phase phase phase phase phase
More Advil please and
Phase phase phase phase phase
I wanna die and
Phase phase phase phase phase
Girl, when you gonna
Learn learn learn learn learn
This kid will make you
Work work work work work
He’s being such a
Jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk

Why can’t I desert him
No time for utter bullshit
Acting like he’s hurting
You know I’ve always been the nicest
Nobody touch me I’m a hot mess
I’ll probably text ya’ll in a crisis

I believed all your cries of apprehension
You took my heart, my life, and my patience
You wear my tears on your sleeve for decoration
You mistaken my love for being weak and complacent

All I wanted from you was to give me
Something like a little sleep
Something like that would be sweet
Something poor you just can’t do
And I wake up like a zombie every day
Just gonna say it ..

Phase phase phase phase phase
The kids are all the
Same same same same same
Your kid will do it
Too too too too too
There’s fuck all you can
Do do do do do
So lean back and just
Drink drink drink drink drink
Go fuzzy and don’t
Think think think think think

Beg you baby something please
Turn the volume down for me
Don’t leave me crying in the sheets
If I get another chance to
I may probably just go and neglect you
I mean, my show is on and later I’ll get you
I just hope that it passes soon
I want to launch you to the moon
I know that you’ll live it through
What can I say?
Please know I’m really trying not to…

Kill kill kill kill kill
Your daddy and the Starbucks lady too
I just want this shit
Done done done done done
Before the other
One one one one one
There’s likely like ten
More more more more more
It slays me to the
Core core core core core
So cheers to another
Phase phase phase phase phase
And babies latest
Craze craze craze craze craze

Yeah OK,
You need to get done, done, done, done and come right over
We just need to slow the cursing
Don’t give me those eyes of hurting
Straight up Ma, I need you
When my vibe is off nothing else will do
If you had a twin, I’d be confused for two
I can’t help these teeth, they’re comin’ too soon
You just need to get done, done, done
And come the fuck over
Sorry if I’m way less friendly
Feeling like ya’ll just trying to end me, oh
I shat all over the crib tonight, I’m sorry
Rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin
How many more j’s until you’re strollin’
We just need a snuggle fest
Need to lay right on your chest
You had some time off
But now you need to

Work work work work work
This shit aint easy
No no no no no
I’m not letting this one
Go go go go go
I know you wanna
Sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep
I’ll keep you on your
Feet feet feet feet feet
It’s just a goddamn
Phase phase phase phase phase
It’ll pass in a few dozen
Days days days days days

Mmmm. Mmmm
Phase phase phase phase phase
Wine wine wine wine wine

Inspired by my daily jam:


Featured Photo: Rihanna