Here’s how I imagine one of the earliest conversations ever to have gone down:

CAVEMAN: Look, cavewoman! I have unlocked the secret to controlling fire by banging these 2 rocks together!

CAVEWOMAN: Cool… check out this awesome sling I made to carry our young in – I whipped it together out of leftover wooly mammoth hide!

The tradition of “wearing” one’s offspring is one that’s pretty much as old as dirt. Makes sense though, doesn’t it? Ancient (wo)man had shit to do.. Imagine if nomadic peoples couldn’t sling their kids onto their backs when they embarked upon 100 mile trecks? How would the gatherers gather if they couldn’t attach their babies to their bodies to free their hands? 

Today’s mamas are busy too – there are errands to be run, houses to be maintained, meals to be made (if we’re lucky, meals to be eaten), work to be done. We may not be foraging for wild berries (that’s what farmer’s markets are for), but we have one thing in common with our ancestors: we want to snuggle our littles and we want to be productive… AT THE SAME DAMN TIME.

Enter modern-day babywearing.


I spent a lot of time with my first son attached to my body. I learned early on that especially in that glorious fourth trimester (a.k.a. the first 3 months of an infant’s life), babies want to be close to their mamas and mamas want to be close to their babies just as much. The nice thing about having just one child is that this delicious cuddle time can be spent horizontal on the couch while flicking through daytime TV or binge watching old “Friends” episodes on Netflix. The second time around (and I imagine, for all subsequent babies), you have to be a bit more crafty.

In my case, I have a busy toddler to chase around in addition to a 3-week-old baby who just wants to eat, sleep, poop and cuddle… so what’s a gal to do? STRAP ON THAT BABY! That’s what!

Knowing that Rebel Baby 2.0 was going to spend a lot of time in whatever babywearing vessel I chose for him, I knew I had to do my homework and find something that was practical, safe, ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing (well, I’m not going to walk around wearing something HIDEOUS, am I?).



I ended up finding all of that and more in the Chimparoo Ring Sling.

  • Quick and Easy to put on and take off? CHECK.
  • Not big and bulky? CHECK.
  • Made in Canada? CHECK.
  • Comfy to wear (even just after having had a c-section)? CHECK.
  • 5 possible carry positions? CHECK.
  • Able to be used from birth to early childhood? CHECK.
  • Woven out of organic cotton & certified free from toxic chemicals? CHECK.
  • Built-in huge zipper pocket for on-the-go essentials? CHECK.
  • Gorgeous? DOUBLE CHECK.

Lucky for me, Rocco seems to love the sling as much as I do. He chills in it when we go for walks, while his big bro plays at the park, while I make my morning coffee, when I have to type out a blog post but he insists on having my heartbeat lull him to sleep (no complaints here!).  It also protects him from flying hockey sticks, balls, dog toys or anything else that you can find whizzing across my house at any given moment.

So while shit is definitely a little crazy over here, at least one person in this family is able to comfortably snooze through all the madness.


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