Happy Rebel Papas Day – The day we get to tell you just how much we appreciate everything you do to make our family units thrive. Sometimes with young children running around, making messes, throwing tantrums, etc., it’s easy to forget to stop, and to take a step back, and to thank you for being solid as shit. Our ride-or-dies: our hard-working, baby-rocking, kitchen-cleaning, soccer-coaching, parenting partners-in-crime.

Today we get to say, thanks for the memories… can’t wait to make more tomorrow.

Today we also get to thank our own fathers. The guys who have encouraged us from the beginning of time to do whatever the F we want to do as long as it makes us feel fulfilled.  The guys who modeled what a good man looks like, and always reminded us to take no shit.

And to the men who raised our men – We’re so grateful for you. Thank you for instilling the values in your sons that make them such incredible role models for our sons.

Here’s to the good guys.

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Dad and Daughter in Melbourne, Australia, ca 1940

Happy Father’s Day!


The Rebels


Featured image via Pinterest – original source unknown