We’re not crazy about resolutions per se, but the start of a new year does seem like an appropriate time to set some new goals. So with gut rot in our bellies (thanks, refined sugars), swelling in our feet (thanks, wine), and wrinkles on our foreheads (thanks, children), we present to you our ridiculously simple goals (and the ridiculously simple ways we plan to implement them).

Here’s to getting our shit together in 2018.



    There’s nothing easier than loading up on sweaters at Zara and walking away feeling fabulous because you’ve only spent $120… (guilty). Too bad three months later, there are holes, rips, pills and loose threads in most of this new wardrobe. It can be easy to go and replace these items again with even more disposable garments, but why, when we are just wasting our money, adding to a landfill, and supporting not-so-kosher working conditions? Luckily,  being environmentally conscious is so hot right now; up-cycling and fashion consignment are on the rise and there has never been a better time to kick the disposable clothing habit for good.  (Our sustainable favourites include VSP Consignment, Life of Manek, Penny Arcade, Chosen Vintage, and the list goes on.)
    New rule: Think before we buy.


    Seems like a no-brainer, but in the name of liver-love (and skin-love), we plan to consciously make an effort to decrease our consumption. “But how much do you really drink, babe?” you may ask. Welllll… it adds up, because: dinners, birthdays, lunch meetings, baptism receptions, baby showers, Raptors games, Leafs games, house parties…  and a nightly reward of Pinot after a slight bedtime struggle with the spawn.
    New rule: Alcohol shall be consumed max 3 times a week (at 2 drinks per occasion) and shall always be paired with water.
    *May be substituted with marijuana where applicable.


    2017 was the year that we officially started to despise the term “ANTI-AGING.” Like, why be against something that is happening, no matter what you do? We’re all aging. It’s a good thing! (The alternative is grim AF.) So no, we’re not dying our grays, not injecting any “fillers” into our skin, and not inspecting our faces so damn close in the mirror every day (oh and that magnifying thing has GOT to go).  In 2018, we’re going to continue to create healthy habits around the way we think about aging. We refuse to fear the process so we’re just going to be grateful for it instead. 
    New rule: Find new sources of beauty inspiration.
    (Read: Unfollow Kim K. Follow Diane Keaton instead).



    In the name of wellness (and beauty – who are we kidding), we hereby solemnly swear to drink more water. We’ve tried this stint before and could never follow through past a week or so, but seeing how much of a difference it actually makes, we’re committed to making it a serious habit change. BUT HOW?! Well, being Virgo’s with a slew of organizational tools under our belts, we will schedule a reminder on the hour every hour to drink one glass. By this math, we’ll get our 8 glasses between 9-5 and hopefully feel more like Giselle and less like a vintage leather bag.
    New rule: Force ourselves ’till it becomes second nature + keep sparkling on hand at all times for “variety”.


    This one is hard, but we’re all driving each other crazy being pent up indoors, so it’s time to shape up and ship out. How will we hold ourselves to it? Well, the first thing we’ll do in the mornings from here on in is check the hourly forecast and determine the warmest hour of the day. The daily schedule will be planned around being outdoors for that one hour (God help us!). Before doing this, we will purchase appropriate winter gear, because cashmere gloves and leather boots are no longer valid reasons to not build a damn snowman with our kids.
    New Rule: (Wo)man the fuck up an get outside (unless there’s a cold weather warning in place in which case all rules go out the window and screen time wins all). 


So if you actually give two shits about NYE, and wanna use this time to improve your ways, we solute you! Cheers to a supremely badass 2018. Let’s GRAB IT BY THE BALLS!

xx RM


Photos by Ariane Laezza

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