It doesn’t take long after having a baby to realize that 1 hour getting-ready-to-go-out sessions are a thing of the past and that using all the beauty products you own is not something you can even imagine having time for. But just because we gave life to the wonderful, time-sucking little creatures we call children, it doesn’t mean that we no longer yearn to look a bit like our former, child-free selves (hey, remember when we were exempt from any real time constraints and when sleepless nights were rare and self-inflicted? Ya, me either).

Actually we don’t want to look like our old selves… we want to look BETTER! We want to look like a 2.0, new and improved, super-human, life-creating version of ourselves.  And guess what? It’s totally doable. All we need is a streamlined, maximum impact/minimum time requirement regime that takes us from mega blah to mega babe in under 10 minutes. SO here it is…

I’m all about beauty multitasking, so dual purpose products and smartly packaged products win my heart every single time. Using a tinted moisturizer combines hydrating your skin with providing a little bit of coverage without having to use 2 products (moisturizer and foundation) and evens out skin tone and pigmentation (pregnancy mask, anyone?). I’m a big fan of Dermalogica’s Sheer Tint Tinted Moisturizer because it combines the next level skincare we love from Dermalogica’s products with the perfect amount of sheer coverage without ever becoming cakey.

Next, using a concealer under the eyes, around the nose and on any blemishes brightens the face and instantly gives you the illusion of having had a full 8 hours of sleep (HA! As if!!!). We’re currently coveting the new HD concealers from Makeup Forever because they’re creamy and light and the colour selection is incredible.

The 3rd step is using Ritual’s signature Sculpt and Glow Palette. The holy trinity of Bronzer, Blush and Highlighter magically contour, brighten and add a pop of colour to your face and are conveniently packaged together; it even comes with a how-to-use diagram and video tutorial for even the most makeup-averse mamas.

It seems as though you can’t go anywhere these days without seeing something about eyebrows. Bold brows are definitely having a moment and we totally see why. When brows are filled in, your whole face seems to change and you instantly look done (plus your face is framed beautifully). We love the ingenious Stay All Day Eyebrow Pen from Stila, as it’s quick and easy to use and stays put all day.

A quick swipe of mascara completes your face and voila! You’re done! Ready for your mama and me selfie close ups looking glowing and gorgeous!


*All products mentioned in this post are available for purchase at Ritual (Toronto)*

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