I always know it’s been a really good day when I get home and bust out the old laptop to get my words out while the experience is still fresh in my head.

Today (well, yesterday, by the time you’re reading it) can only be described as: glorious.

Why, you ask? Because we drank champagne for breakfast, met a bunch of awesome mamas (and #rebelaunties), chowed down on Pusateri’s macaroons and chocolate chip cookies, got head massages (my fav), AND got a round of bombshell blowouts to go.

Yes, my friends. It was one for the books – one of those Sundays that make you wish Monday would just go away and stay away forever because you don’t ever want it to kill your vibe.

Here’s the background: My long-time hairdresser (and, therefore, long-time friend), Mas’oud, has been cutting my hair for 13 years – which puts me in HIGH SCHOOL when I started trusting him with my curls (anyone who’s got ‘em understands the bond).

Seven years ago he opened his own salon in the heart of Yorkville (above Zaza, for the Torontonians in the crowd), and I’ve been sending people his way ever since.

He really does know what the hell he’s doing – plus he’s just fun to be around (watch him for 2 minutes on “Style Factory” and you get it), so when I was in his chair a few weeks back, we started tossing around ideas on how we could collaborate on SOMETHING – something fun and something special that would be an all ‘round awesome experience for everyone involved.

Enter: Sunday Funday with The Rebel Mama at Mas’oud Salon
(Admittedly, kind of a mouthful of an event title – ha!)

We ran a Giveaway on Instagram that would involve three winners who were each welcome to invite one friend to join them for a day of gabbing, glam and moderate day-drinking (except for our one lovely preggo, who we drank in honour of).

The girls were AWESOME. Like, they genuinely were so easy to hang out with – the whole day was such a pleasure. I think we should do this Giveaway more often, don’t you?

Aleks and I want to offer a massive thank you to the ladies of Mas’oud Salon. The man himself was sadly unable to join us today (I’d like an extra long head massage next time I’m in to make up for it please, Mas) but the wonderful women he has working with him were on point.

Thank you girls for everything you did for us today, it was perfect.


The Rebels


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Photos by Aleksandra Jassem
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