We did it. All of us. Together.

We told the world that moms (and women in general, for that matter) are no longer satisfied with the status quo.

Actually, you guys told the world. You spoke with your wallets and you pledged your support for our little book that could.

Yes yes, y’all – THE REBEL MAMA’S HANDBOOK FOR PARENTS has been green-lighted (!!!!) and we’ve got YOU to thank for it all.

On Sunday morning, we (on opposite ends of the continent, I’ll add) awoke to the best goddamn news ever. We had reached our Kickstarter goal… 4 days before the end of our 30-day campaign.

Yup – some way, some how, two unlikely “mommy bloggers” with one grand vision raised $22,000 in 26 days, thanks to the love and support of 263 Rebels.

(If you haven’t already… watch the video below! #allthefeels)

We have dreams of a modernized approach to the business of motherhood that involves a little less judgement, a little more style, and absolutely no filter whatsoever. Thanks to all of you, that dream is now set to become a reality (and I literally burst into tears every time I think of it in those terms).


Thank you seems about a thousand times too insignificant for what we’ve been feeling for the past 2 days, but – thank you. I’m not sure that you realize what a big part in this you’ve played for us. We are so excited to knock this thing out of the park for you!

There are still 24 hours left pre-order your copy of our HANDBOOK FOR PARENTS (and ensure that yours arrives before anyone else’s… personalized *insert flamenco dancer emoji here*). So if you’ve been meaning to and you haven’t, go for it!

The more we surpass our goal, the more content we will be able to secure – content written by your favourite Rebel Mama contributors! That means an even more diverse array of storytellers, doing their best to welcome women everywhere into motherhood in a way that we were all longing for when we were in their shoes. 

(Thanks for the awesome book mockups Drea!)

This has been already been one of the most incredible experiences of our lives (except that part where we had to walk around for 29 days with a knot in our stomachs and our hearts pounding out of our chests!) and the most incredible part is that this is just the beginning.

The best is yet to come… The Rebelution is ON.

xx RM

P.S. If you want to be inspired to muster up the guts to throw your most sacred dreams and aspirations out into the universe and ask for what you want out of life, then take a read of THIS POST that we published back in 2015, the aptly named, “THE REBEL MAMA MANIFESTO”. This has all been in the works for longer than even we realize… This manifestation shit is NO JOKE… If you were waiting for a sign to try it for yourself – consider this it. 😉


Featured image by Uma Thurman, Pulp Fiction, 1994


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