We are firm believers in using our voices to create positive change in the world. Whether that change is big or small, whether it affects one person or many, doesn’t really matter; what’s important is the realization that although it’s tempting to get wrapped up in using our online platforms just to drive traffic, get clicks, and make that cheddar, we mustn’t forget that anyone who has the ear of many has a responsibility give a voice to those who need one.

That’s why when our friends Mark Munroe and Nadia Elkharadly (the founders of weraddicted.com) asked us to help them spread the word about their new initiative, “Addicts and Angels”, we more than happily obliged.

In Mark’s own words:

I have fought demons and I have seen angels walking the earth in human form, I know this because my entire life fell apart due to addiction and depression, but I was saved. So when I came out of that terrible place and started my life again, I vowed that I would take my life’s most terrible moment and turn in into something great.

Now, 5 years later here we are.

Addicted has become an international outlet, my life is blessed so many times over, and I am now in a place to make a real difference.

Welcome to our new series, Addict’s and Angels. In this series I’m asking you the reader to nominate someone who needs help, needs their story told, or maybe just needs a smile put back on their face. This is the new journey, this is a new movement, this is something that I have spent the last 5 years, or really my whole life working towards.

For our first week, we start with a beautiful little girl named Athena. Athena’s family reached out to me and shared their story, one of love, one of strength, one of hope, but sometimes hope needs a little bit of help, so here we are.

Please read here story, from the words of her mother Fiona and please if you can, share or make a donation today.

We’re helping Mark and Athena spread awareness about Cerebral Palsy and doing what we can to help them raise the funds they need for a life-changing surgery that will help Athena and her family live a more enriched life by allowing her to walk independently for the first time ever.

Read Athena’s whole story HERE and CLICK HERE TO DONATE.

xx RM.