Back in early 2016, we decided to take T.R.M. to a whole new level, together. We vowed to bring as many bomb-ass women together as we could, to form a community unlike any other.

Nikita and I found out we were pregnant within 6 weeks of each other. We bought the books, signed up for Pinterest, read the mom-blogs, followed the Instagram accounts and even joined a few mom-groups on Facebook.

Well let us just say, if Japanese Porn, Conspiracy Theorists, Cat Videos and Comment-feed Trolls didn’t put you off the internet before, the Mom Realm is guaranteed to throw you over the edge.

It turned out to be a side of the internet that felt incredibly foreign to us – we both knew we’d eventually have to become moms (we needed not look further than a few inches down at our ever-growing bellies), but we also knew we couldn’t get on board with what we were seeing. We would have to be moms on our terms.

And with that, The Rebel Mama was born.

The Rebel Mama created a space where we could talk frankly about our experiences with (and impressions of) motherhood. We could write about our struggles and work out any identity issues we were grappling with in a public space.

What we hoped was that by talking openly, we’d be able to give other women the grace to work through their own shit too. And it stuck.

We are now composed of thousands of really rad, down to earth, tell-it-like-it-is sisters who also happen to be moms – Not that you’d even know it if you saw them on the street.Our community also includes men and childless friends.. because they get that it takes a village, and they’re in ours.

So here are some lessons we’ve learned in the last year and a bit that I’d love to share, solely to inspire other mamas to plow through life their way and grab their dreams by the balls:

– When shit goes wrong, angle it differently. P.R. 101. Spin it so it works.

– Remember to always take yourself as unseriously as possible. You have to be having fun.

– Don’t be afraid of risks. Be pumped. They will propel you and are exciting as hell to take. Nothing is really a failure. Even when you fail.

– Make plans. For everything. Ideas, dreams and goals are useless if you don’t organize yourself and make it happen.

– No idea is a bad idea. Be open to hearing everyone out, it may lead you somewhere spectacular.

– Compete by constantly collaborating. Help others and let them help you. You’ll all get up the ladder faster.

– Never stop being inspired. If you’re in an uninspired funk, go somewhere different and take in everything around you. A new hood or an art gallery. There’s limitless inspo; you just have to pay attention.

– I realize it’s massively cliché to tell you to stay real – But stay real. It’s all you got.

– Not everyone can take a joke. But don’t let that mess with your sense of humour.

– Even though it seems intimidating, even though is seems impossible… it is do-able. It is manageable, so long we you’re doing something that excites you. Don’t worry about time. You will find the time.

– There will always be Internet Trolls. Stay out of it. Silence is the best answer.

– Rise up to a new challenge. If it scares the living shit out of you, you should probably do it. That’s how you grow. (Take a few sips of bourbon first, if necessary.)

Speaking of things scaring the shit out of you… TOMORROW we are launching our biggest project EVER. It is an undertaking that seems larger than life but it’s something we have been dreaming about for years so we decided, Fuck It!

If not now, then when?

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