So. We’ve been keeping a secret from you for the past month or so…

A while back , we were contacted by the good people from Hairstory (you likely know them better by their former creation, Bumble and Bumble) and they said they had a new product line for us to rave about.


We told them the truth – that we are not interested in telling people about a product that we don’t GENUINELY believe in. We’d try it. But if we weren’t in love with it, we weren’t going to write about it. They agreed (probably thinking, “That’s nice, Rebel Mamas; but we’re about to knock your Goddamn socks off”).

Well, lo and behold. We. Are. In. Love.

But actually.

We love everything about this stuff.

It’s a one-step wash. Just one rinse, just one product. No time wasted.

It cleanses with essential oils. You had us at oils – we’ve been slathering those all over ourselves for years. Hair was the obvious next step.

At first, not having a head full of lather was weird. Not having to follow up with conditioner was even weirder. But those habits have officially been broken because this “New Wash” had our hair feeling gloriously clean without stripping any oils. Needless to say, we immediately got on the phone all like “BABE. My hair feels like it did 15 years ago!”

Its packaging is charming – it’s sharp, it’s witty, it’s got French words on it. And who’s not into pretending to be French these days?!

But the thing that really did us in with this line is the fact that WE BOTH LOVE IT.  Aleks, with her fine, blonde wavy Polish hair…and me, Nikita, with my long curly, Jamaican-Trinidadian hair.  

Hairstory NEW WASH and its accompanying products (DRESSED UP, UNDRESSED|DESHAMBILLÉ, & HAIR BALM) have literally changed our hair into BETTER HAIR. All the while saving us a step in the shower and leaving us smelling fucking amazing.

Can I please get an Amen?

(Aleks even brought hers to her hairdresser’s appointment and they fell in love too!)


We want to you try this stuff out because it has made looking pulled together A LOT easier and we think you deserve a break of that capacity in your life too because we sure as hell appreciated it!

That being said, we’re giving away HAIRSTORY NEW WASH to FIVE LUCKY WINNERS! Yes, FIVE of you will get to test-drive this bad-boy. WE ARE SO EXCITED FOR YOU!

Head over to OUR INSTAGRAM now to enter the contest!!

Contest Rules:

  • Must be following @therebelmama and @hairstorystudio to be eligible to win!
  • Tag friends to enter! One tag per comment. Each comment counts as an entry. Go nuts!
  • ALL  FIVE winners will be contacted tomorrow (April 22) at 9am!

We are so happy we found these hair whisperers. The game has officially been changed.

Oh and if you can’t handle the suspense of entering a contest (we don’t blame you – we are incredibly impatient ladies ourselves), worry not! You can purchase it directly BY CLICKING HERE!

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Please tag us after your first wash so we can bask in your hair glory with you!

xx RM


All product photos by Aleksandra Jassem

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