For Weed and Other Fun Stuff

Eureka! A way to store your shit on the counter without it getting swiped by small hands. The Ally Lockable Storage Box is a product we didn’t realize how much we needed until it turned up on our doorsteps last week.

It’s a design-forward, practical solution to securely store your life’s medicine – whatever that may be. 

Let’s face it: Other boxes that lock simply do not make the cut of things you’d actually allow to live on your countertop. Ally is different. This baby is not just food-safe, discreet and multi-purpose, it’s also stylish; she looks great in the kitchen and if you have some kind of sweet closet or bathroom situation happening, she would look slick in there too – the perfect hideaway for things like your passport, jewelry, or even your stash of sex toys and lube (#killinit).

Got prescription pills? ALLY. Edibles that look exactly like your kid’s favourite candy? ALLY.

Bonus: you can refrigerate it – in case your favourite cannabis product comes in a very “soda-pop-can” looking vessel.

A Toronto-based start up, Ally was founded by Lisa Weir and Dalia Shankman, two moms (duh) on a mission to create beautiful, thoughtful and practical products that solve real problems and that allow people to enjoy life responsibly. We’re so here for it.

The Ally Lockable Storage Box launched in February 2021 and is now officially available worldwide, with free shipping in Canada & Continental USA. 

Product Features:

Specs: one size: 9.25″x6″x3.7″; 2.49 lbs.

Lock: Integrated 3-digit custom combination lock

Retail Price: CAD $95 (free shipping)

Available in two colours – Navy and Cream (with Berry launching soon)


We give the Ally Lockable Storage Container 4.5 stars out of 5

It only gets docked half a point because our giant mason jars of homegrown summertime bounty don’t fit in it (lol). Pretty sure that just makes us level ten stoners, but either way, this box will certainly be the forever home of our edibles, accessories, and gadgets going forward. We may even get ones for storing personal effects too. 

Call us when the XL version drops, ladies. We’ll be your first customers.


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