So a while back, we threw ourselves a fun little Instagram Giveaway for a chance to win a “photo shoot” of your choice with yours truly. The word photo shoot is in quotations because I don’t take myself that seriously, and it sure as hell wasn’t a Glamour Shots session in a studio.

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Most of the photographs I’d ever taken were more “lifestyle” – meaning, lifeless. As in not a wild, running child but a more stable subjects such as a landscapes and bad ass cars. I learned that family photos, traditional or not, require an infinite amount of patience and a fully loaded memory card, because Lord knows of the 600 photos you take … it’s likely that 10 will make the cut. Thankfully, I have a 2.5 yr old of my own who prepared me for the challenge: distraction, distraction, distraction.

But lucky, for me the winner of our giveaway was such a lovely and inspiring mama, she made it all worth while. On top of it, she brought her best friend and business partner and together we hung out in a park near their homes in Vaughan and proceeded to try to handle four little ladies with larger than life personalities.

Meet Alessia and Angela (and their mini’s Mia, Mikaela, Harper and Avery).

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What makes these ladies so special? Well, besides holding down full time jobs and the fort at home, they also run the Styled Child Shop. After finding it difficult to locate modern and funky kids clothing, in addition to not being a stones-throw away from downtown, they took matters into their own hands and started designing for their mini muses. “We were tired of the stereotypical look and wording found on girls clothing“.

It’s been four years since the girls took a leap of faith into their own business and it’s proven to be worthwhile. The line has grown to be unisex and appeals to kids of all ages, mostly known for their Genuine Leather Bow Accessories and the “It’s Cool to be Kind” T-shirt where 10% of the proceeds go to Bullying Canada.


It’s pretty safe to say these two Rebels are raising some seriously kick ass women simply by leading by example. Well done mamas; well done.


Check out the Styled Child Shop here: www.facebook.com/thestyledchildshop

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