As it turns out, purging your closet can be a life altering experience. I wish I was joking, but sometimes it’s those very simple and quiet activities give us exactly what we need. Ah, the power of silence.

A few weeks back I decided to no longer battle my closet every time I opened it, and became focused on completely lightening and reworking.

What is it about a good closet clean?

You’re not only cleaning (actually one of my favourite activities to do), you’re also playing with clothes, which lets you imagine scenarios and generally allows your mind to roam with ideas. Plus, I still had summer camisoles hanging out in there, and that was just depressing.

Not only was this decluttering a seriously therapeutic exercise (less is more – always) it also seemed to have a parallel, deeper purpose. While I diligently went through every single piece of clothing and assigned it to its pile of either: keep, donate or send to the nieces, I started to feel lighter always as if it were reinvention.

Girls and their clothes, right?!! Serious shit.

I don’t mean to say I suddenly had an urge to reinvent myself and change completely, but somehow I found myself taking a closer look at who I am and who I still want to be.
* This may also have been a side effect of alone time + wine + undisclosed.

One of the biggest changes for me after becoming Mama (and one I am most thankful for) was the overwhelming sense that there was a bigger objective and therefore, time could not be wasted. Which is an awesome perspective by the way, because it gave me a strong sense of purpose.

Every minute spent doing something needs to be worth it, and quality – over quantity – is king.

“Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly. It’s your masterpiece after all.”
– Nathan W. Morris

This is all positive and pleasant enough, until you dig so deep into yourself, that inevitably the whispers of self-doubt slowly start to creep in.

You want to say “I can do all of this!” instead of “Do I trust myself to this?” but ambition is not an easy feat it seems, in any aspect of life. 

And if you’re sitting there reading this, nodding your head, then this next part is for you.

Whenever I start heading down the Debbie Downer path, I like to give myself a little pep talk; a few short and sweet reminders that I’m willing to bet you need to hear too.

It’s not easy to balance everything we want to accomplish with confidence, but we must always remind ourselves to at least give it a fair and solid try.

Knowing how hard it is to do ANYTHING alone, we must surround ourselves with people that lift us up, support us, let us openly discuss ideas and inspire us and challenge us to do more. 

We need to make it a goal in life to build one another up – even though tearing each other down sometimes looks like the easy way out; it’s limiting and negative and ain’t nobody got time for that.

We must start each day with gratitude for what we do have and set small but important goals that can be achieved at a steady pace. Rome wasn’t built in a day, go easy on yourself.

Most importantly:
Trust yourself. Give yourself some credit. Only you can be you, so do it well.

Go on with your bad self. And clean out your damn closet.


Featured Image: Vogue Australia

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