If you told me when I was 24 that I would one day come to enjoy gardening, I would have likely fell over and bashed my head open from laughing so hard. Nothing would have led me to believe at that time that this would become one of my sweetest pleasures.

Ok now I just sound old.

But hear me out.

I’ve always loved nature, but more so in a much more laying-out-at-Trinity-Bellwoods-for-the-entire-afternoon kind of way, ie: void of all physical activity. These days, that only happens when – oh wait. THAT NEVER HAPPENS.

Anyway, when we moved into our current home in the east end 3.5 years ago, I made a deal with my husband (seeing as I was the only one really wanting a backyard), that I would handle the outdoors. He was firm on not wanting to deal with that shit, and it was fair.

It turned into the greatest gift. Now I look forward to having to tend to my greenery. (Lord knows I love my greenery).

It’s requires focus, patience and, my favourite – silence. Granted my son gets in on the fun a lot of the times, but if he settles for a nap or is in someone else’s care, I am gifted time alone to really think, while being so close to the earth at the same time. Grounded.

I figure out a lot of shit out there, being present and reflecting on time and space. I ponder relationships – past, present and future. I basically meditate while creating beauty from nature. I urge you, get out there and try it. Try it for an hour and see how you feel.

And don’t pansy-garden either with your three random seeds that you saw in the check out at Canadian Tire that time you went on an emergency Goldfish run. (They don’t stock them, for the record).

The more muscle you put in, the better the result will be and *newsflash* it’s also exercise. In fact, an hour of gardening does a whole load for your body. It can burn anywhere from 120 cals (literally just watering a plant) to 450 cals raking the leaves. There’s a slew of other health perks too, like lowered stress hormone levels, improved sleep, a stronger heart and immune system, and better mental and physical well-being.*

It is also SO damn rewarding to sit back in your patio lounge chair and breathe in what you have done. Plus, if you’re an OCD neat freak like me and enjoy nothing more than cleaning, gardening is just the same. Tidying up: The outdoor version.

I want to give you the gift of solitude, reflection, and simple, beautiful peace with a side of pale pink roses.

And if you don’t have a backyard, check out community gardening or just holler – I’ll gladly accept a friend on a sunny afternoon to help prettify my little piece of land.

I’m thinking it’s the least we can do – to take care of the earth, and be grateful for all the ways it heals us too.

xx A

Source: www.treehugger.com

Featured Image via @70sbabes


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