Rebel OG Nikita wrote an amazing article on acronyms that made my heart flutter with pride and hope for the future. It also reminded me of a particular acronym that I would really like to highlight and murder. TMI. TMI. TMI. For those still trying to decipher the mom codes, it means “too much information”. When used in context the TMI acronym is a warning to let readers know that something personal or unpolished is about to be revealed.

I would like to go on the record as saying that TMI is a figment of everyone’s imagination.

Why? Because everyone likes hearing other people’s disgusting stories and juicy gossip.

Why? Because it makes us feel normal; we are all a little bit filthy sometimes and we also create juicy story lines simply by living.

Who in her right mind would not read a post that started with “TMI: anal leakage question”. Yes, you know it’s going to be disgusting – but how could you possibly turn away? I’d much rather read an anus post than a “baby crying again” or “baby not sleeping again” post.

The best thing I ever read on a pregnancy forum was a woman who unapologetically asked about her confusing vaginal discharge and included a photo – “this goop came out of me, what do you think it means?” That woman was a hero. I didn’t know what the hell her slit slime was, but I told her I was proud of her pussy power. A true Queen of the people. She simply wanted answers and was unashamed by her body’s secretions. Look how gross I can be, world. Got a fucking problem with that?

I don’t have a problem with that and neither should you.

When I see “TMI”,  I see insecurity and vulnerability about the female human body, sex and opinions. I see a safety blanket working to apologize in advance for honesty. I see an archaic nicety rooted in notions of lady-like behaviour and decorum.

“Pardon me, I don’t intend to offend your delicate sensibility, however…”

Screw that.

The truth is I love hearing about your gross realities, your personal dilemmas and your humiliating moments. I love being a social media voyeur. I think we all do, isn’t that partly why we’re here? To look around and find nuggets of our own lives hidden away in the stories of others?

So maybe we can all work together to lift the feelings of shame and the fear of judgment and eradicate TMI for once and for all… because whom is it really serving? Women are yucky. It’s time we just all admitted it to ourselves with pride – our genitals are essentially miniature warm swamps surrounded by hot thighs and pubes and that’s perfectly okay.

Fly free my beautiful, (occasionally smelly) beasts!

Say goodbye to shame and hello to bravery. Bring on the nasty truth and feel free to post, inquire, and discuss your life and bodies without the ugly TMI acronym poisoning your words.  Trust me – it’s the most liberating shit ever.


Erica Moore is an Interior Designer with a degree in Fine Arts and Literature. She is a wife, and mother to 2 dogs and 1 baby. She is also a very hilarious human being. Check out her blog and keep up with her on Instagram.


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