What went down last Friday night could hardly be categorized as “just another Christmas party” – not by a long shot.

At 8pm on December 8th, fifty rebellious women descended upon the private dining room of the unassuming (yet undeniably chic) Skin + Bones in Toronto’s East end. There was enough female energy in there to light up the Rockefeller Christmas tree – from corporate powerhouses to creative geniuses, we all came together to celebrate.

We celebrated ourselves and each other as women and as mothers; as professionals, and as friends. We inspired each other and let others inspire us. It was absolutely fucking magical. A very Rebel Mama Christmas indeed.

Thank you to everyone who busted their asses to get childcare for the night.

Thank you to those who trekked across the city to be there.

Thank you to Charton Hobbs for the (always delicious) Belevedere and Glenmorangie.

Thank you to Joga House, Tealchemy, Musclecare, Well Calm and Black Rooster for the sweet swag.

And thank you again to Skin + Bones Toronto for being the most warm and accommodating hosting partners.

Next stop, Book Launch!

Merry Merry.

xx RM


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