Birthdays are such strange things. I find I still get butterflies when I go to bed on the night before the big day. This year, on the eve of 29, it was no different.

September 22nd is the first official day of fall. (This year it was also the day that Mercury Retrorade ended – and if you’re into all that Astrological hoopla *guilty!* – that’s a big fucking deal!) It’s also my birthday.

What I always do on the anniversary of my birth is think about last year and what life looked like on that day. For me, in 2015 I was newly pregnant; not really telling anyone, but slowly spilling the beans to close friends.

This year, some of those same friends helped me ring in my own personal New Year. I’ve found that with every passing year, my birthday gets more and more low key – and still somehow more and more fun.

On my actual birthday (Thursday), after a morning stroll with the fam for peameal bacon breakfast sandwiches from Delicatessan, Aleks and I met in at around 11 for one of the ultimate luxuries – a blowdry.

If I’m being perfectly honest, I go for the head massage and NOT having paste balls of fallen-out-strands to the wall after every rinse… but the #beckywiththegoodhair results are also very much appreciated.

Shout out to my crazy long time hair salon (13 years strong!), Mas’oud Salon for always having me walk in with a curly, dirty top knot and leave with babe hair.

I finished off the day with dinner at home with my whole family (including my grandma and sadly excluding my travelling-for-work boss of a sister). It was lovely.

Our First Decent Family Photo!

Friday we celebrated at our West End #TEAMREBELMAMA pop up. Woooot!

And on Saturday, our friends came by and we vegged in the backyard, wearing jackets for the first time in a long time, and enjoying some excellent red wine from the middle of the afternoon right up to midnight. (At which time we shut it the hell down like the badass adults/boring parents we are!)


We talked about internalized misogyny in the workplace (ha! #partyfeminists), dreamt up some cool creative shit, died laughing over pretty much everything, ate chips and bulk-barn candy and pizza, reminisced about old times, and after the men somehow migrated inside to the TV, we huddled in and pooled our female energy and then flew off on our broomsticks!

But really – it’s crazy how much you appreciate female energy when every single being that lives under the same roof as you is male (including the dog!).

My girls brought the most perfect gifts (only someone you’ve known for half your life can show up bearing your dream fragrance as a present), they showed up ready to chill; ready to just fucking relax and be so genuine – they made it such a sweet celebration.

[wpvideo lECudnAP]

28 was so ridiculously insane and so wonderful. I think I’m ready to close out this decade with a bang now.

Thank you all for the awesome birthday wishes I received on Instagram and Facebook – I so appreciate you taking the time xx