A few weeks back, I ran into my new friend, and very-pregnant Rebel-Mama-to-be, Jules. In fact, she was due two days ago as I write this…. so there’s a sweet chance this post will be a pseudo throwback.

As usual, we jumped right into talking excitedly over each other about all the new happenings in our lives, when she busted out her phone to show me the new maternity photos she just had taken.


I had never seen anything like this. Raw, sexy, editorial… I imagine somewhere Jerry Hall was doing a slow clap and Terry Richardson was taking notes. I immediately asked (begged) her to let me share it with you guys because it’s the kind of photo inspo that only a very bold mama and extremely talented photog can produce – and something you most definitely won’t find across the Pinterest boards.

So without further ado, here are the shots along with some background on the two Rebels that brought them to life.

Simply, badass.



About the Subject:

Julia is a 29-yr-old professional working on the ultimate mans turf, CORPORATE BANKING. And she slays (clearly). Prior to that, this beauty spent time in Cali and Sydney perfecting that beach vibe and has continued with her passion of horseback riding even while pregnant. *GASP*

Biggest loves: her Springer Spaniel (Sydney), her Sausage Dog (Cali), and her Hubby (Jimmy) – not necessarily in that order.

Game changer due September 27, 2016. Tick tock, tick tock.

What Motherhood means to Jules:

“Although appearances may tell the story of a newly-wed eager-breeder, I actually had very different plans for our first few years of wedded bliss. I was looking forward to entire days spent in bed and yacht week planning, more so than sleepless nights and Hypno-birthing classes (Side note: we only went to 2 out 5 of those classes – while driving to the third, we turned around, opting for McDonald’s and Netflix instead).”

How the Belly Shoot was born:

“As my belly grew, I thought I should find a way to document what this babe was doing to my bod; of course I first looked for some “Pin-spiration”! After hours of scrolling through nothing but flower crowns and meadows, I changed my focus, seeking out the rebellious photographer Ms. Briony Douglas!

She’s a fresh talent who is quickly moving up the industry ranks while shooting cool young model hotties. Thankfully for me, she took on the task of shooting these lumps in my terribly lit loft while we watched T. Milly dance videos.”


Rebel Mama Salvation: 

“When I first saw the Facebook invite to “Rebel Mamas”, I said to myself, “holy sh*t, is this happening already? A mommy blog page? Should I just surrender to play dates and yoga pants now?!”

But after further investigation, I found out that not only are the Rebels’ brows on point, they are successful entrepreneurs, community leaders and global citizens doing the damn thang! I’m really happy that I clicked the ‘accept’ button.

Although there are almost 2000 members in the group, being a part of the Rebel Mama community feels like sitting at a table with 10 of your best friends. Everyone brings a different background and perspective, but they’re all there to support you. I am forever grateful.


About the Photographer:

Briony Douglas is a Downtown Toronto dweller, artist, photographer, PR rep and social media coordinator. Constantly inspired by the city and the kickass women in it, her passion can be easily seen through the lens of her camera. All you really need to do is peek her Instagram to get the feels.

In her own words: 

“I love creating images that allow the audience to feel like the are watching through a key hole. Being an artist since I was a kid has given me a different approach to my shoots; it’s not just a pose but a moment or a feeling I want to capture. A year ago I decided to quit my job and pursue photography, and I’ve never been happier.”

“If I look even a tiny itty bitty fraction as hot as Julia looks pregnant, I will be a happy camper. It’s not hard to create awesome images with such a gorgeous girl. Prior to this I had never shot a shoot like this before, and I as well was checking out Pinterest for some inspo, but there was nothing there that caught my eye and really illustrated how beautiful she looks. So we decided to go a little outside the box. When I asked her if she had gold body paint and the answer was yes, I knew we were gonna make magic.”

Check out the BRIONY DOUGLAS Website, and go on with yo bad self.

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