It’s really easy to judge another parent. But being a judgmental cow is a bad look. No good comes of it for any party involved. So why bother?

Do you seriously care that much about other people’s kids? Or is it your own kids you’re really worried about? Is your judgement a reflection of your own parental insecurity? Um YEAH. It probably is; but don’t worry, because there’s still time to check yourself before you wreck yourself and we’re here to show you how.


  1. Stare at your kid’s face. Touch their hair. Smell the back of their neck. Focus on their sweetness and forget about everything else. This is what matters. YOUR kid. YOUR family. Live and let live.
  2. Ask yourself what’s making you want to be a judgmental cow. What is it about another parent’s actions that has triggered you? Make the situation about you and your own self improvement.
  3. Take three very deep breaths. Think the words “Inhale the good shit” while you breathe in, and “Exhale the bullshit” as you exhale. Repeat as needed until the urge to judge falls away.
  4. Step away from the situation that’s bringing up the urge to judge; go do something kind for yourself instead. Make a tea, stretch, put on your favourite song, call your grandma – the options are endless.
  5. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Wonder if they’ve been up all night with a cranky baby or a demanding toddler. Ask yourself if they’ve got adequate support or a safe space to vent. Redirect your thought pattern from judging to wondering what you can do to help.

That’s the end game here. Swap out empathy for judgement. Find pieces of yourself in other people and acknowledge that they’re doing their best too. If you can help, help. If you can’t, wish them the best, hope that shit works out for them, and move on.

In the end, it’s a waste of precious energy that you could be putting into you and your crew. In 2018 – you do you.


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