Happy New Year, Rebels!

How’s everyone feeling today? Not so hot? Yeah… we figured as much.  But fear not!  Our food expert, Shontelle, has prepared some tips AND an all-star recipe to get you through the day.  Hopefully your sitter took the kids overnight so you can properly nurse that hangover (if not, read THIS post and know that at least you’re not alone), but if you need to pull your shit together and feel as human as possible then this post is for you:


By: Shontelle Pinch (General Food Bosslady & Founder of Gourmet Bitches and Pinch Hot Sauce)

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a quick fix detox that’s going to cure the hangover or erase the overindulgence we’ve all partaken in post-holidays, but follow this recovery regime and you’ll likely feel a little bit less like death.

sleep in

TIP #1: Sleep as long as possible! (This is where getting comfortable with sending your kids for sleepovers comes in VERY handy.)

TIP #2: Upon waking, if a headache appears, take a tablespoon of raw honey sprinkled with sea-salt. (The honey gives you the glucose and the sea salt retains magnesium and controls your blood-sugar and energy levels – that headache should be history soon.)

TIP #3: Start the day with some good quality coffee. Best way to drink is through a French press as it doesn’t completely break down the coffee.  You can give your coffee some ass kicking qualities by following the “Pinch” Recipe:

  • Organic, fair trade coffee
  • Sugar (honey/maple syrup)
  • Cream(organic)
  • Coconut milk (free of carrageenan)
  • Gelatin (Great Lakes gelatin ideally)

(Benefits of this recipe include cleansing the liver, adding vitamins and minerals, supporting thyroid and digestion, high in antioxidants. Caffeine also increases your metabolic rate by increasing the cells consumption of glucose.)

Shontelle Pinch Coffee

TIP #4: If you can’t bring yourself to eat (congratulations on the wild night out!), you can add some food benefits to your coffee by whipping an egg yolk (NOT Omega eggs though – try for farm fresh) with cane or coconut sugar into a cream OR adding a spoonful of grass fed, unsalted butter or coconut oil to your cup of joe.

*Important* Don’t gulp at once! Just sip it throughout the morning for sustained energy.

TIP #5: Another option for you party animals is good old orange juice. Make sure it’s fresh squeezed, not from concentrate and remove the pulp. (It packs a hefty punch of potassium/magnesium plus vitamin C, which helps reduce your stress hormones.  Again, make sure to sip throughout the morning.)

If you have the energy to cook (God bless you), here’s the best meal to have! SURPRISE! It’s eggs, bacon and potatoes!


What You’ll Need:

  • Farm eggs
  • Hormone and soy free pork (if you’re vegetarian, you’re missing out ;)… have an avocado instead)
  • Good quality organic potatoes

*Local food is key*


– Cook bacon to desired tenderness and set aside.

– In the bacon fat, grate your peeled (fungus and mold on skin!) potatoes right into the pan. Brown as desired flip and set aside (keep warm in oven)

– You should still have a good amount of bacon fat to cook your eggs in. Cook it how you like it – Chef’s choice 🙂

Are you wondering how in the hell this could possibly be healthy?

Well, bacon is a saturated fat (which is a stable fat). It regulates blood sugar, increases your metabolic rate (your energy), which helps to detox and decrease inflammation. It also contains vitamins A,D & K and the kicker is, it decreases your gut bacteria (unlike yogurt, which actually does the opposite). Potatoes are root vegetables (underground vegetable) that contain fructose, and are high in mineral levels and glucose (which gives you energy). Eggs contain protein and saturated fats, which we actually need to maintain good cholesterol levels.

It’s also a good idea to have a side of fruits with your hungry man breakfast. Right now, I suggest eating persimmons because they’re currently in season and they’re generally delicious.  Alternatively, mango, papaya, grapes and watermelon will also help you get through the day. (Stay away from pineapple and banana which are fibrous and overly industrialized.)

Ok, now, go back to bed!!!