There are few things in life that inspire such great longing as do the sounds and smell of the beach and as soon as summer hits, it’s all we can think about. Even if you’re not near an ocean and your summer is spent in the city, the easy, effortless look of beach-waved hair is one that’s synonymous with the warmer temps and one of my personal faves. But because it’s hot we wanna keep things easy breezy and don’t want our hair to look too done or contrived – fashionably undone you could say.

It’s all about the products, tools and technique you use to achieve perfectly tousled  waves, and once you nail it it’s super easy and looks amazing.

Beach waves 1

I like to start with clean dry hair. I let my hair air dry because I’m lazy AF and blow drying my hair in the heat is a special kind of torture (under boob sweat is not sexy at all).

Before I let it air dry I use a volumizing mousse in it so that my waves will hold and stand up to humidity. Also a mousse is usually lighter so it won’t weigh down your hair. Right now I’m loving “This Is A Volume Boosting Mousse” by Davines (pretty self-explanatory). I use an amount about the size of a golf ball, running it from roots to ends.

Once my hair is dry I section it and using a regular curling iron (I prefer a 1 ½ inch barrel) I start curling my hair taking small to medium sized pieces.

Two key tricks to prevent your curl from looking like 80’s prom queen nightmare:

  1. Don’t curl your hair all the way to the bottom. Leave the ends out so they stay sort of straight.
  2. Alternate directions of your curls so one piece the curl is facing your face the next piece the curl faces away from your face. I like to do the pieces framing my face all facing away from my face and then alternating the direction all over the rest of my head.

Once you’re done curling all your hair, give it 5 minutes to cool down and then take a texturizing spray and spray it throughout your hair and a bit at the roots. Texturizing sprays have become really popular lately and are one of my fave hair products ever. What they do is rough up the hair a bit making it not as silky so that your hair has more volume and waves look fuller and last longer. The “This Is A Dry Texturizer” from Davines smells amazing and doesn’t overdo it.  After you’ve sprayed your hair run your fingers through all the waves breaking them apart and shake them out vigorously.


Finally, I like to use an anti frizz cream to smooth out my ends and a bit throughout the hair to make waves look piecier.  “Easy Rider” by Kevin Murphy is great because it takes away frizz and adds a bit of shine.

And Voila! Perfectly “undone” waved hair that will have you ready for the summer.

Beach waves 3


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