By now we’ve all accepted that winter is here and that Mother Nature is not effing around this year. But just because she’s wreaking havoc on our lives by forcing us into hibernation and making us abandon all things fashionable in exchange for warmth, it doesn’t mean our skin has to succumb to this brutal season.

Winter’s frigid temps paired with the bone dry effects of indoor heating can leave your skin feeling dry, raw and lackluster which means your usual skin regimen will need to be upgraded to survive the next few cold months.

Here are my tips to winter-proof your skin:

Cleanser: When temperatures dip, it’s a good idea to switch up your cleanser from gel or foam-based formulas to cream or oil based ones so that you’re not stripping the delicate lipid layer of the skin. Two of my favourites are the Universal Cleansing Oil by Dermaquest which is surprisingly suitable for all skin types and the Essential Cleansing Solution by Dermalogica. Both gently remove dirt and debris from skin without over drying.

Moisturizer: Just like our winter wardrobes, when it comes to choosing a moisturizer for the winter you need heavier and lots of layers. What may be great on your skin during the summer often doesn’t cut it November to March so richer formulas protect and hydrate skin better during these months. I love Super Rich Repair which does exactly what it says: repairs aging in the skin while protecting and nourishing skin.

If your skin is oilier or acneic, layering with serums and light moisturizers is the best way to achieve hydration without causing congestion and breakouts.  I layer Intraceuticals Opulence Daily Serum, followed by the Opulence Hydration Gel and finish with the Opulence Moisture Brightening Cream. These 3 hero products are loaded with Hylaronic Acid which is super hydrating and holds water (hydration) in the skin preventing dryness and flaking.

SPF: Even though it may not feel like it most days, the sun’s UV rays are not diminished during the winter months which means daily SPF use is still critical to protecting your skin and preventing hyperpigmentation and aging.

Body: Our faces aren’t the only area of our body that gets dehydrated during the winter, our hands often suffer the most because of the cold coupled with the incessant hand washing to try and avoid nasty colds and flues. A super rich body moisturizer like Sattva Pure’s Rosemary Mint  Body Butter coupled with daily use of CND’s Cuticle Oil prevent skin and nails from cracking and keep your hands which show the tell tales signs of aging looking young.

So, here’s to a short winter and to dreaming of hot summer days to come. Stay warm friends and if all else fails, we always have spiked cocoa to keep us toasty on these cold wintry nights!


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Featured image via Harpers Bazaar, Fall 2015

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