As some of you may know, I like to take a photo or two.

Actually, thousands if you were to ask my laptop memory…

You see, back in the days of childless freedom, I travelled a shit ton and all of my captures were full of picturesque places and interesting people. Even when I wasn’t travelling, I always found time to roam our own city streets on the look out for things that inspired me, moved me, and things I wanted to hold onto forever. Hell, I even had a gallery show once and sold a few pieces.

The same passion is true today minus all the time for roaming aimlessly in the afternoon with a camera and half lit j. This year has especially flown by thanks to my shift in work and personal focus, making me busier than I thought (in the best way). Between helping build The Rebel Mama empire, working with my husband on his, and raising my little crazy, my favourite pastime (photography) has taken a backseat. But I’m SERIOUSLY over it.

I have vowed to jump right back into what makes me most passionate and alive: capturing the simple beauty of life, and all its imperfect charm. And as a new to-do on my list, taking photos of all the beautiful people that make up the Rebel Mama Squad.

This community of Rebel Mamas, Papas, Aunties, Friends and Supporters is the fuel to our fire and what better way to celebrate their inner and outer beauty than getting them in front of the lens? This is a personal project that I hope shows – through my eyes and theirs – how we’re really all in it together.

SO – who wants to help this mama out and get in front of the camera (in a super chill, natural, non studio/cheesy way) for a photo sesh where realistically we will just hang, drink coffee (or wine – whatever your pleasure) and capture you as you are because hey, we ain’t getting any younger… the time is now.

Head to our instagram to find out how to get in on this RM project and walk away with some memorable snaps: www.instagram.com/therebelmama

Good luck!

Check out more of my photos here: Aleks Jassem on Flickr

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