Over the past few months, we’ve had a few brave mamas reach out to us to tell us that they had something they needed to share with their fellow Rebels. Something to get off their chests, something to bitch about, or to laugh about, or just something that they thought needed to be addressed.

These women have enriched the fabric of this site and they’ve engaged our community. Their work has been so valuable that we recently started to ponder how many truths have gone untold, how many stories have been under-shared, just because the people who own them haven’t been given the right platform on which to share them?

Well all that changes now. We want to give a voice to your tales of motherhood because we believe in the power of community and that involves sharing our mistakes, celebrating our victories, and squashing our misgivings – together. 

So if you’ve got something to say that you think The Rebel Mamas need to hear, please feel free to submit your posts to INFO@THEREBELMAMA.COM.

We can’t wait to read your work.

Look out Huff-Po, The Rebel Mamas are coming for you.

Featured Image: Illustration by Sivan Karim

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