This post wasn’t something we planned to do, but last night was so beautiful and inspiring and empowering and refreshing that we felt as though we had no other option but to publicly declare our gratitude for the lady tribe that made it through the rain to join us for our little Rebel Mama soirée.


The day we went to Montgomery’s to chat with our girl Kim Montgomery, we decided that we HAD to host something at that sweet, unpretentious, wonderfully well thought out, gem of a restaurant.

We finally agreed that we should throw a dinner party there for 30 of some the most inspiring women in our lives – women who we knew would hit it off, ignite a spark of awesomeness in one another and likely wind up lifting one another up with the end goal of total world domination. #thefutureisfemale

So said, so done. Aleks and Kim worked tirelessly together to ensure the evening went off without a hitch (which, naturally, it did – their mutual perfectionism totally worked in our favour).

Our wonderful friend Glenna brought along the perfect party favours c/o conscious beauty company, TO112, and our pal Zark Fatah helped make sure nobody regretted their red wine intake the next day by supplying us all with Over EZ hangover helpers (they work).

We ate, we drank, we made merry, and we serendipitously celebrated the launch of THE REBEL MAMA ONLINE STORE that happened to go live exactly 24 hours before we sat down to break bread.

Oh what a night.

(Oh and our sincere apologies go out to the other unsuspecting patrons at the restaurant, who quickly learned never to be fooled by a group of women who appear to be civilized and refined… One indelible truth is that Rebel Mamas sure as hell know how to party.)


Photos by: Ariane Laezza

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