Instagram is intentionally mindless. It’s where we turn to escape out own realities, to dive into a world of otherness, to get a glimpse into lives that look nothing like our own… For me, the process usually goes: Scroll, Scroll, Scroll, Scroll, get bored, put phone down, pour glass of wine, drink the wine, go to bed, forget everything I’ve just seen.

Well, a few days ago, my experience was different. It went something along the lines of:  Scroll, Scroll, Scroll, DISCOVER PAIGE CRAIG (!!!),  fall in love with Paige Craig’s new conceptual photo series (BodiesInNature), call Aleks to tell her about Paige Craig, decide Paige Craig would be our next feature on “The Cut”, pour a glass of wine, continue to think about Paige Craig’s work.

And since you’ve already read her name 6 times, let us now formally introduce you to our most recent source of inspiration and the second lady to make THE CUT:





WHY WE LOVE HER: What we love is her work – namely her latest project, BodiesInNature. The way she uses light and shadow. The way the bodies in her photographs become part of the landscape. The diversity in shape and shade and condition. The ode to pregnancy. The honouring of scars and bumps and wrinkles and imperfections. Every photo she’s posted (there are only 69 shots in total on her Instagram feed) spoke to us and so we felt compelled to share her work with all of you. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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